what's the current datatraffic/month of halflife2.net




I was wondering what the current datatraffic per month usage is of halflife2.net and the current webspace...

Is it like 15gb a month?

And what hostingpackage and hostingcampany does halflife2.net use? :)

I am just interesting... :)
We're hosted by www.re4lity.net - if you're interested, its best to email [email protected] or speak to Locust99 in #halflife2 on quakenet.

As for bandwidth, I'll leave it to Munro as to whether he wants to divulge that.
Yes, I would to be interested in the amount of bandwidth you use. I'd guess around 15-25Gb. Hehe
I believe halflife2.net is hosted on a dedicated server. with more then just 25 gig Transfer.
we're on a dedicated server, which allows us 500gb per month :)
Originally posted by sharp
datatraffic is about 15 gb oer month? :)

Try 2-5GB a day :)
o and server spec

Dual Intel Pentium3 'tualitin' 1.26ghz
512 MB RAM
80 GB Hard Drive (7,200 RPM)
10/100Mpbs Fast Ethernet Port
cPanel 6
what is it?

do you know the p3 tualitin chip, will out perform any p4 up to 2.4ghz?

and this is duel...
it is designed for server usage...
indeed.. servers always have lowerspecs then desktop pc's. its like a X-box who has a 700mhz CPU and is able to beat a p4 2.4 because it is dedicated to gaming. the same goes with servers. they are dedicated to serving files.
and it is not MHZ which is everything... the tualitin chip OWNS! lots of cache and stable.