Whats you next film on the list to see?

Aye thats what I'm looking forward to seeing aswell. I still haven't seen the new Matrix so I might actually see that first :O
Oh man you have to see the Matrix, its so cool. It explains a bit from hte first one too, altohugh a lot of people didnt seem to notice. They were just there for the action.
yeah definitely Bruce Almighty.

"You know, I think my breasts are bigger today"
haha :)
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You are quoting from the film right? :)

no. . . i really think my breast are bigger today. :p

for the record: i'm male. ok? :)
Terminator 3, Bruce Almighty, and Matrix 3 (i wish :()
this summer hasnt really been a good one for movies IMO. The Matrix reloaded was Ok. i might see 28 days later
Im waiting for Terminator 3, Bruse Almighty and Bad Boys 2

S.W.A.T is another movie that I am looking forward of seeing.
I'm going to watch Terminator 3, but I'm really waiting on word of Half-Life: The Movie...

EDIT - Once you've seen The Matrix: Reloaded, read this. - EDIT
Prolly T3 at the theatres, Bruce Almight, i might download.
I work part-time at the movies so i've seen everything.
Apocolypse Now!

and then

Being John Malkovitch

followed by

39 Steps

oh, thats more than one, but still