Where is the MOD expo????

May 15, 2003
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Where is it, we need the code sooooo bad, lol , is it in the us, if ne1 gets the code and Narcissistic Gaming cant get to the expo, PLEEZ PM ME, and then u cud mail it 2 the uk, of course we'll pay u 2 send it, and mayb u'll get sum monee out of it as well ;)

when is the mod expo, because that is where valve will be giving some code to aspiring mods , and we need it

(good enough grammer for you)
Oh, the Mod Summit, Valve will pick certain mod teams to fly out to Washington and look over the SDK. One thing I'd say for certain would be to limit map sizes to five square kilometers(about 3 miles).
so that means u have to be picked!!??

O dear, so Valve will pick people to fly out to the US of A and just LOOK, they won't give random mod teams copies of the Source Engine !!! Dammit, thought it was too good to be true, well thanks for teh info
i htink they will have you sign up, and then if you can't make it, they will send u the sdk. i hope.
hmm that would be quite interesting...

/me crosses fingers
well i sure hope we get the SDK, cos it sure would be usful, since im twiddling my thumbs round bout now!
right thats it, im sending rabies infected badgers thru the post to all of you. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA
/me jumps out of way.

Badger, you hijacked you're own thread. lol.