Who will not play the single player and just multi?


May 14, 2003
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As for me i could careless about the singple player game itsself, Like with HL1 i bought it when it came out and never played the single player until 2yrs later. Ill probably try it out for a hr or two then just go straight to multiplayer and that will be that.
I will finish SP before I even touch MP. I'm shure of that. Unless one of my friends challenges me in HLDM2 of course :)
Originally posted by nietzsche
When it comes to Half-Life 2, i'm not interested in the multi-player aspects of the game at all. I hope Valve will concentrate on creating a great single-player game and be not everything to everyone.

When it comes to Half-Life 2, i'm not interested in the multi-player aspects of the game at all. I hope Valve will concentrate on creating a great single-player game and be not everything to everyone.
yup same for me, i'm not gonna even touch the multiplayer button until ive completed SP, or got quite far...lol
If I want Multiplayer then Ill go play Natural-Selection, Counter-Strike, PlanetSide, Ut2k, WarCraft III etc.
single player for me
then il play mods for hl2
not really like hl multiplayers just mods, Counter-strike >:)
Given how good the SP looks you'd be wasting your money not to play it.
of course, single player all the way before mp. when it comes to hl, people count on a good story, because besides mods, mp for hl is definitly not the strong point.
Oh I dunno. I actually thought that HL DM was more fun compared to rocket dominated DM games. Especially on the maps where you had to control an air raid shelter that would protect you from occasional air strikes, or the neat rustmill map. The weapons were neat for gameplay too: the guided rockets, the camper killing guass gun, the tripwire mines, and all the other varied and complex weapons made the DM much more interesting than the other DM games out at the time. Of course, the netcode took a few revisions to get stable, but its among the best in the biz now.
Well, I'll just use SP for training and getting used to the engine and so far. The next thing is MP of course. I'm planning to start my own HL2 clan, I'm excited as hell:devil:
it's easy to see who is who in this article.

CS kiddies - no sp
real gamers - sp first
SP all the way baby MP? i'll second that.
SP first, then we i get frustrated with SP MP, then when i finish SP and get bored of MP, Mods.

of course makin and play testing Cold War: Melting Point (see my sig) comes first :)
SP all the way on both Easy and Medium settings. then touch MP for testing stuff and looking then Hard setting SP :E
SP for sure. Then spend most all My time modding. I'll probably do a little bit of Multi later on, but Making mods will be My primary intrest in HL2.

If theres good co-op play I'll be alot more likely to do that than just regular MP.

The Punisher
well punisher that is great you will be modding, thanks. Also wesisapie is right, people who jump into the MP games like cs and HL2 MP are such newbies, i dont care how long any of you have been playing games, but anyone buying a game just for the multiplayer part is absolutely ridiculous and its really gay and annoying. For my part ill be getting HL2 2 days i hope before it goes retail because of my deal i got over the internet ;)....ill play through single player and beat it on medium and then get into multiplayer or ill play through singe player and beat it in like a week while playing MP every once in awhile too. Knowing me though and what HL2 is going to change may get me into singe player like crazy and then if i check out MP ill become crazily addicted non stop...so i gotta stay away from the MP...i hope TF2 will be included...
When it comes outsingle player will be first but will probably do multiplayer after a while as im moving in with 3 of my mates soon so will have 4 way LAN action!!! but still the SP will make me buy the game but the multiplayer will help it last as long as the first game...
Originally posted by Shockwave
As for me i could careless about the singple player game itsself,

Are you INSANE ??!!
I'm obviously gonna play single player first, i think once Ive seen most of what the game has to offer (monster's/weapon's wise that is) I'm gonna go onto MP i don't wanna spoil any surprises by seeing it all in multiplayer. Similarly I'm not just gonna map as soon as i get the game again i don't want to spoil it but i also want to see how valve has done the things in their maps.
I am going to play SP first, untill I cant get beyond some point in the game. And then I am going to try out the MP and see how its like before I go back to SP and try to Finish it. After I finish the SP part I will continue to the MP if its is fun andIi am going to practise like hell to master the MP and 0wn on all servers :) Mwuhahaha
SP for sure. I love sp games, their so immersive and noone can **** it up for you.

Standard game mp is usually pretty boring. After getting into CS and DOD and BF, i cant play deathmatch games anymore. If hl2 comes with a standard mp, and you have to buy tf2 separatly, ill probably just wait for the good mods to come out.
MP games are overrated, IMO. Everybody keeps going on and on about how MP is the way to play games. "Bah", I say. There's so many ten year old idiots with microphones (dear god, it's so annoying...I pity those who I annoyed back then) and so many MP games are bland and very boring. A good SP game (Max Payne, for example) is truly immersive and engrossing. I can play and replay those kinda games all day. Of course, for that reason, I'll just go to SP first and then, if it's any good, MP.

The reason people love mp so much is because of the human realism in your enemys. I have yet to see a game where the enemy AI is so good that it will fear you, or distract you in the middle of battle. They wont hide behind other team mates, or just plain flee when the see you. Until AI gets that good, like skynet good, people will still enjoy the human feel of MP games, and the interaction with other people.
Its also that you can actually talk to the other people playing. You can taunt your enemies, but more importantly you can actually plan strategies with your teammates. That is something that computers are still very far from being able to do.
Yeah, plus people can scream OMFG NEWB or OMFG HAXOR every second, piss you off, hack and abuse mic.
i'm going to finish single player before i even click the MP button. with an incredible physics system and highly immersive gameplay, i definitely don't want to skip the most talked about game of the year.
maybe i'm the only one who hates other people. that's why i don't like MP.
I will play singleplayer! Especially since this will probably be the best singleplayer action game ever!
And SP is kind of practising for MP, hehe.
That reminds me, I hope they still have boot camp/training!