Will My Computer Run Half-Life 2?

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I was just wondering if my computer will run Half-Life 2

I have

Processor: P4 OC 3.68GHz 640MHz FSB HT (3.06GHz Hyper Threading 533MHz FSB)

CPU Cooler: Senfu Water Cooling System II

Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-8KNXP Ultra

Memory: 2046MB Corsair

Hard Drive: 147GB SCSI 320MB

CD-R/W-Burner: Plextor 48x24x48x CDRW Drive

DVD-Burner: Pioneer A05 DVD-RW/CDRW Drive

Video Card: OCS Enhanced Radeon 9800 Pro 445/740MHz

Sound Card: Sound Blaster Audigy 2 Platinum eX

Network Card: Intel Pro/1000 MT Desktop Adaptor

Cooling: Digital Doc5 LCD 8x Fan Monitor

Power Supply: Enermax EN651P-VE FMA 550Watt Dual Fan Fan Monitor Adjustable

Case: Thermaltake Highest Xaser III V2000A Super Tower

Speakers: Klipsch ProMedia THX 5.1

Keyboard: Logitech Keyboard Elite

Mouse: Logitech MX500

Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP Professional SP1

Monitor: Sony GDM-FW900 (24" Super Fine Pitch FD Trinitron)
I was thinking of getting another 2 GB ram to fully stock it
this is a dumb question and u could have braged about your system in the offtopic.
and the obvious answer is yes. there are a number of wuys u coulda figured this out.
check there search tool at top of page
look at hl2 min. requirment
know that u have the same specs (better actually) than the video at e3.
Originally posted by aDIsease
I am not 'bragging' I am just asking a question.

sorry, I'm not ususally rude to people. But if youre being serious and don't know the answer already, you don't deserve that computer...

you only want show us you SUPER COMPUTER or What ???? this is really a stupid question if u really readed some hl2 previews cause they all speaked about the requiriments
sounds like some spoiled kid with rich parents showing of his new supercomputer.. :rolleyes:
man.. what a big waist of money.. you dont need 2 gig of ram for anything yet exept for a high-end server. and SCSI? WTF.. where do you need that for? SCSI is way to expencive for any pc. there are lots of HDD's that are as fast as SCSI . like the matrox (10.000rpm).

you are just bragging here.. and you cant install and ide HDD on a SCSI motherboard.
Someone should temp ban this asshat, there have been too many threads like this before :flame:
the maxtor 10,000 rpm hd is not faster then the scsi
the maxtors only do like 8mb/sec

the scsi's do 320mb/sec
whatever... but why do you need something like that?

its totally unessesary..
this guys is making me :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame: :flame:
HAHAHA this was the funniest topic EVER :D:D
:cheese: :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: :cheese: :cheese:
I don't think he's lying or anything, but these things really intimidate people who cannot afford to purchase these high-end components.

I bet you're really feeling like this right now.
no aDIsease, you don't have a hope in hell of running HL2 I'm afraid. New PC time
go to hell.... not all people can afford this computer and you know very well it will run at least on 50-60fps+
panda peno stop being so stupid ur prob not that stupid u kow damn well thats a good pc and it will urn hl2 :flame: fool
I know it will run, i wanna know if it will run well

like no chop if i have the graphics on FULL
I think we need a final word from Munro, otherwise im gona beat up this geek kid
/me builds up an 1337 army under the command of xXSMGXx.. lets kick some idiot but..

and btw.. if you are a so called 3d animator.. lets see some of your work. so I can judge if such a pc was worth it.
He's just a troll. He ripped some of the computer pieces from ocsystem.com..

And simply put, nobody with some intelligence would ever ask if a game would run choppy on this extreme computer, not even if the game was hl2 or doom 3.. Its just bs.
tbh, he knows he can run it, it can run well, however nomatter what your job that computer is just a waste of money, for one thing, you don't need it to be that high spec to do what you want, for another, shortly there will be new computer releases meaning if you want to keep u'r comp top spec you will have to scrap the 'old' componants to fit the new released better parts and finally, its worth has dropped since u built it, the price of componants will drop with any new developments and with age.

btw, if u want to get the most out of it get headphones, speakers are stupid and are worthless if you are serious when it comes to games, for one thing there is a lack of direction, with headphones you can listen properly and know the exact direction the noise is at, people who play UT and C.S. pro will tell you that without the skill the kit is worthless and btw, they all use headphones
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