Will you get half life 2?

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Ummmm... what do U think ?? :cheese:

Ofcoz !!!!!
no i fuken hated the demos they all looked like pong

wtf kinda question is this...course i will and im sure anyone that has played the leaked demo..i mean seen it<snicker> will too.:flame:
I am definatly going to buy it, it wouldnt cross my mind to warez it. I find that disrespectfull to a good game dev company like valve. I only warez sucky or dumb games that I atleast want to play once, but thats it.
of course!

And btw Jerry_111, why the hell do you keep making stupid topics, you have 3 and there all stupid....trying to get your post count up ?

Sorry if I have offended anyone, buts that my opinion I could be wrong
I agree they were bad topics but give him some slack, he could just be really excited and just wants to talk about the game.
this topic is 1 big spam. its HL2 fourm, so no they will buy doom3 insteed.
your not proving your point at all by joining this thread and posting your spam, dont be a hypocrate.

btw nice move puttin this topic back on top so more can spam :angry:

Edit:didnt mean to be mean but your post was contradictive
maybe the topic should read "Will you BUY hl2?"
thats a whole different question with all the warezing and p2p and stuff going on now

i for one will buy it for sure, but that doesnt mean everyone will
guess many think "why buy a game when i an get it for free?"
i buy games that i think are worth it.. mostly because i want to support the company, and also couse i dont feel like a criminal when i buy the game :)
and i love reading thru gamemanuals
What Kind of a thread is this any ways.?
we are all going to get HL2 we wouldnt be here other wise.?

Must be Bored.!:eek:
Unless Counter-Strike2 will not be out as a mod, and I will have to buy the retail version.
depends on the multi....(if i will buy i moslty buy only for multi.)
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