Wood bug :S


May 17, 2003
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I am sure that someone already has posted a topic about this, but i have'nt read it and i just want to know if you have noticed it too ;)

In the tech demo, when he has shot down the barrels he walks by a wood.. wood that he shot before.

When he walk by the texture changes ...

The time in the FilePlanet movie is: 02:45 you will be able to see that the wood texture is chaning :p

Looks like a little misstake and im sure that they will fix that :D
im soo disapointed! :)
nah...could have changed to some pink color..now that would have sucked ;)
lol nos has a point be happy with wut your giving lol.
anyway i dont think even if they didnt fix it(which they most likely will) it wouldnt ruin your HL2 gameplay.
Could just be another demo playback artifact for all we know.

The thing is, since it's basically a rendering issue, if it's a common problem, they'll probably catch it and fix it, and if it's not a common problem, we wont see it much.