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    Hey All, Good to be Back!

    Yeah this place has changed.. Facebook stuff and tweets? da****?
  2. Rizzo Tournament Start Date and Team Draws

    I started reading this thread and was like, how the **** did I miss this? Stupid spam bot...
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    So they bought the domain or what? I don't really get it.
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    Let's talk about sex,

    I don't really care for sex to be honest. If I tell people in real life that I can't be botherd they either asume I'm gay or that there is something wrong with me. Maybe they're right... I never really been with someone I like either. Might be becouse of that.
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    Post a screenshot!

    Does captures count higher? Or do you get points for healing now? More then the assists?
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    Post a screenshot!

    You got a score of 83 with only 8 kills?
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    The absurdity of standing up to pee.

    **** if I know. I saw a few going in the urinal, I made the misstake of following. The other bathrooms where far more disgusting then on a usual night. It might be becouse they are ultra-radical fembitches who thinks anyone who says there's a difference between sexes support rape or whatever. Or...
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    The absurdity of standing up to pee.

    I have seen girls stand up to pee. Both during and after. The club I used to work at had lesbien nights. It was the worst ****ing experiance... Piss ****ing everywhere.
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    What's the longest you've gone without sleep?

    Close to 3 days, maybe 2.5. Got about an hour of sleep in a car ride. It was a terrible experience.
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    Saints row 2 was hella fun. This looks awesome.
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    Game of Thrones thread with lots of books spoilers inside spoiler tags

    If her skin is fine, why should her hair not be?
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    Is it too late for me to start one of these threads?

    You're tearing me apart, Lisa!!