64mb better than 128mb ?


May 17, 2003
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Right, I'm sorry I keep makin posts about my toubles with graphics cards, i'm just thick when it comes to hardware. :D

Right, I have decided to get a GF 4 TI 4200, but I was speakin to a m8 and he said that the 64mb version is faster ie, higher clocked than the 128mb version, as long as you have alot of ram.

I was wondering if this is true ?, this could save me some money :)
Tell your buddy to go suck face with a dog, will always be better than 64 ....... but not if you take a ATI card with 64 and take a mattrox with 128 ... then the ATI would win but ....... go with the 128 !
for HL2 i would definatly take the 128 mb version. cuz HL2 suopport's very high resolution textures so it will fully use the 128 mb. 64mb just wont cut it.
your friend is a dumbass go slap him
I would love to talk to a game programmer and find out if they are really using this memory. There are an awful lot of 32Mb cards out there. When you run out of memoery and swap to disk the performance cut is huge. I wonder how much it matters. I also wonder how much a typical game is using nowadays.
the 64mb version HAVE better memory, you can clock em better then the 128mb version but i think you should go with the 128mb version at this time.
Some rumors are going on about the video card on the dell machine (the one
that ran the e3 tech demo) featured the Ati radeon 9800 pro 256mb version
Is this true, and does the 256 mb version has an advantage in Half-Life²
over the 128 mb version?

The way Source is designed, hardware manufacturers can update materials to
take advantage of new hardware as it comes out by shipping updates (probably
via Steam). So if they come out with a 512 MB card or double the number of
instructions possible in a pixel or vertex shader, then customers who have
that card can be updated to take advantage of that.

Specifically to answer your question, I think the cards were actually 128 MB
cards but we do take advantage of 256MB cards. If I'm remembering right, we
froze the hardware for the demo before ATI had sent us the 256 MB cards.
Can someone tell me what gabe means with this?
Originally posted by EVIL
Can someone tell me what gabe means with this?

I'm no 3D card expert, but I would suspect that as the hardware improves, they will release patches with higher quality models/textures so you could take advantage of the new cards.
Thanks for posting the email, Evil. I think I understand the first stuff Gabe is talking about. Basically, we'll be able to "patch" our versions of HL2 later on to take advantage of improvements in graphics cards (like for resolutions where the eye-popping :eek: 512MB would acually make a difference). Under Steam, it won't seem like a patch, because the game will probably just load the update without you even knowing about it.

To take a guess on part 2, he's saying that they had tuned the demo to run on a certain spec machine, using the 9800 Radeon PRO 128mb. Then ATi sent them the new 256mb card, but they didn't use it for the demo because they had already tuned it for the 128 version.