A question for Farrowlesparrow


May 20, 2003
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Hey Farrowlesparrow I have a question for you. Do have a job or something? It seems like you are posting on the forum every second of the day. This is not ment as a joke or anything I am just curious.
Im at college 8 hours every day*, and i dont have a job at the moment. I dont post every second, but i do "bulk" post. Meaning that when i come on i sit for a while maybe 30 ins to an hour and reply to everything that i have something to say about. I do this while doing other things on my computer as well.

*Although certain days like today i dont have lessons due to Teacher training.
well your in elgland so im in the usa so there is a time difference too. it could be night over there and its still in the middle of the afternoon here.
He will soon be a member of the 1000 club.... I think EVIL has left these boards now, having achieved his goals ;(.... I hope he comes back.... he was a good artist, and a good postwh0re :p
yes, the same as me then Farrowlesparrow, although College does take up alot of my time, i come home and sit for a while posting on posts i wish to comment on, and then check several times that night ot see if any replies have been posted
hey guys this isn't the place for this the place is the ARENA thread... !
agree...but this thread should have been a private message...although it really doesn't bother me(since it is the off topic forum afterall)...but I still think that messages that are meant for a specific person only is supposed to be private message, since it really doesn't concern other people...

Digital: although I I'm flattered you would stand up for me...plz I can stand up for myself. and also plz don't take it down a road I wouldn't...since the better answer to SMG would simply be ignoring him, instead of starting potential flamewar or making things worse...or my position worse.