About the bloody NO DISCUSSION thread...


May 17, 2003
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Could a Moderator close that thread? And when someone has real information from VALVe you shall email a moderator and the moderator will post it there... That seems to be the only way, getting past the bloody jerks that don't understand the sentence "No Discussion!" ..

That's all from me...
Yes, it's annoying, but the OT posts DO get deleted so I can't see any reason to delete the thread (because it is a good thread, isn't it?) :\
Something like making a Sticky thread like the "Half-Life 2 FAQ" thread! Just one post in a controlled environment!

Now who has the time and willing to do this?
I have... Since I don't do anything else searching HL2 info bla bla.. I think there is a bunch of willing people on the forums.. That is " trustee" by Munro.
Well, I don't know if it weill be relevant in a Moderators eyes :/
I was just about to suggest the same. Bloody brilliant idea, geeK. It's become a complete farce, so if the Sticky is going to have any value at all, it needs to be closed NOW. Mods can add new info when it comes in.

It would be nice to think that we're all smart enough to follow instructons, but apparently that's not the case so I see no other choice.
Too many people on this forum who have no respect for others and authority.
Nah, just simply hire some new moderators and delete the posts that shouldn't be there.

It's easy as that.
New moderators will be added when Munro have time.. As he don't have for the moment. Just close the thread until he has time? :D
The people that start dicussing the answers are annoying, but what really makes me laugh is the people who post thier questions there, as if Gabe hacks into the forums himself to add his answers!
I apologize to Apos if he feels I disrespected his thread as Zerox has stated. That was not my intent. I understand that that thread is meant to be a collective of "official" informations direct from Valve. But as I read through and see silly and/or repeated questions, its obvious that some people have misinturpreted the intent of the thread to be "E-mail Valve a question and post thier reply here".

And I still think we should gather a list of organized and usefull questions...Im certian Valve would be more than happy to grant us an interveiw.

My apoligies if my actions were disrespectful or disruptive in any way.
Don't close it, people might get lazy and keep the Gave emails to themselves. Actually, the moderator/moderators are doing a nice job cleaning the thread, so if you spot an OT post there just think "Poor being" and move on.
90% of the off topic posts in there are from idiots telling the other idiots that theres no discussion thus adding even more crap on there.
People are excited about the game and want to talk about it. It is the mods fault for not locking it i guess. What we don't need is jackasses like you making these kinds of threads.:dork:
The thread is not for open discussion, it says that. If you can't grasp that then maybe you need to find another forum.
Originally posted by Munro
The thread is not for open discussion, it says that. If you can't grasp that then maybe you need to find another forum.

Some naiive people think that Gabe actually posts here on this forum whenever someone asks him a question. It's funny every time.
Its not that, it is it takes a lot of pages and a starts a chain of useless posts.
so what now? we now have to mail or Q&A to Munro or another mod and then they add it into the thread???

think it's a shame to stop the thread....lots of good info!
guinny had a nice info thread and who was the first person to post unrelated crap and flame. go on, take a look. geek, end yourself.
PM me and I'll add it to the thread.
Already fixed!


Great solution to the problem.
Originally posted by Munro
PM me and I'll add it to the thread.
Totally agree with closing the thread. This is a much more sensible way to do things (under the circumstances).

Munro, maybe you should add a message to the end of the closed Valve thread, just so people know how they can add info from Valve emails if they have some.