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Jun 3, 2003
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"As a child, have you ever wished to know the sound of steel on steel as blades clashed? Have you wanted to see the grim, stoic faces of your comrades and stare into the depths of your enemies' maddened eyes? To wield magics so as to shake the very foundations of the earth, or place an arrow in the back of a mounted warrior from a hundred paces?

A vast world awaits those who persevere. A world of unearthly forests, scorching deserts, ancient ruins and rolling meadows. There is peace borne of love in this world, and wars forged of hatred. There are innumerable quests and legends festooned in this world of dreams.

It is a world of Dungeons and Dragons."

Hopefully, my scattered friends will be able to keep this mod out of Wizards of the Coasts' view. That is, if we're able to start it at all. Any volunteers to help? We're looking for everything, or at least teachers with the patience to help and advise.

But first, you must remember - we have no solid plans for going through with this mod. If you are inspired, or just like AD&D, be my guest. Like as not I'll cheer you on:cheers: .

I really want this mod:bounce:
categorized armor and weapons
Beginner class skills: rogue=sneak attack/move silently but can only use light armor & rogue weapons, fighter= all armor, all weapons, cleric=heal/turn undead and wear heavy armor only simple weapons, druid=send animals, minor magics, only druidic weapons and armor, can send 1 random animal at ppl, monk=deflect arrows, medium armor, and can disarm, as well as higher damage punches, rangers= has radar and can dual w/ smaller weapons, paladins= smite as well as use all weapons, bard=sings to give +2% damage/level to allies in an area, medium armor
racial stuff:
elves= 120% faster, 80% hp, dwarfs=120%hp, 120% cost, humans= 100% all, halflings= 120% faster, 80% damage, gnomes= 120% hp 80% damage, half-orc=140% damage, 80% speed, 120% cost
Make co-op modes!
stats will matter... somehow
dex=movement speed as well as dodging or something
int/wis=useless (disinclude)? Magic %? effect how fast u lvl? 3% more exp per stat? magic resistance?
cha= cost of stuff
As u lvl up u get abilites from feat layer
just some ideas....:cheese:

The mod will (hopefully) have three modes: singleplayer, team vs. team, and free for all. They all involve killing each other, unless some complicated MMORPG type business is enacted and the trade skills become used.

Singleplayer -
I'm shameless, really. In my thoughts I've already based it off of neverwinter nights, even though the game never had much attraction for me. The premise was good! But I hated the view and the limited immersion.

Team vs. Team (Multiplayer) -
Each map will have two different teams with different causes. If something is done to further the cause, points are awarded. id est, if one player becomes very renowned, and he is killed, the other team is rewarded more points. If a strategic location is taken, points are awarded and so on.

Free for All -
Who needs a cause? Just kill people! Same deal with the "famous character = lots of points" except no strategic location thingy.

The character would be created by you using the AD&D 3rd edition rules and a point-buy system. You can have 5 characters. You must choose which character to use before going into a server. Lots of traditional D&D skills would be implemented in a truly awing graphical format. I mean, if I could do that stuff.

MMORPG - (?)
Some crazy MMO thing that we'd have to netcode for which is so far beyond our "skill" level it's not even funny.
Co-op 2!!!! Co-op!!! wut will the clerics/bards do in single player?:bonce:
also: this is good in concept but we need some1 to actually do it and well also!
Fighting System

I'd base the melee system off of a game called Ronin: Spirit of the Sword (, I'll get a link) and the projectiles on more conventional fps games. Skills would be hotkeyed to the function keys or mouse gestures.

Automatic skills would be, of course, automated.
Very good idea guys.....:) but don't infringe copyright, cos this does sound interesting :) best of luck !
I dunno about this one i think u should just leave D&D to the owners 1st person rpgs never worked and never will do + do u really think u can do better then the makers?
Don't make the Ronin system! How will the Team vs. Team work? The blocking would be based on the fact that servers would lag like hell or some kind of 2 second gap in the keyboard-to-screen

copyright infringement.... we can just ask for permission. Isn't there also something about being legal when we don't make a profit or am I thinking about something else?

Ever played Elder Scrolls Morrowind? + This isn't gonna be like actual paper and pencil DnD, its gonna be a new breed of DnD! :bounce:

btw, if u wanna contact me on AIM, my sn is Red4lt3r also
Sorry but this sounds like a horrible idea. A FPS where you sit around and wait for "rounds" of "melee". Sorry but the three-quarters manageable views are far more suited. FPS are more immersive and immediate, that's why people like them. TO have a creature surprise you and then work through the fight one melee at a time over the next ten minutes is not what most FPS are after.

If you could create an FPS that capture the fantasy and variety of D&D then you might have something. Hexen was an obvious attempt to combine fantasy and FPS.

If you get into "melee systems" and hit points and levels and experience points you are moving into murky bad mix territory. If you want to use those concept within the code to work out stength and ability, fine but don't burden the player with stopping to roll dice.

An FPS that let me explore different roles during a coop would be right. You could have different measures of dexterity/ strenght/ wisdom/etc but don't tell me I have a strength of 18!! IN THE GAME show that I am stronger than someone with less physical strength.

If I have higher intelligence then when the group approaches a wall of runes show the runes to others, show me an english translation (inferring I can read it).

As a thief I may spot hidden doors or traps. Graphically emphasize the trap or door to me on screen and not to others who don't detect it.

DOn't say a fighter can use an axe while a cleric can only use a mace. Allow anything I pickup to be used.

Allow a quick method of obtaining and using spells. Create a system that works for FPS, forget RPG methodologies. Maybe create a list of components for each spells. The components would be collected in the game. When a wizard has enough components for a spell it becomes available. You then control how much spell casting occurs by the amount and variety of components (bone, eye of newt, spider silk, wool, ash, wolfsbane, mandarin root, hydra teeth, vampire's blood). Or create a simplistic point/energy system and leave "magic" around to be gathered.

One of the key elements of D&D was the massive variety of creatures available to pit against the players. This is where you would really have to concentrate on developing a real compendium of creatures. It would be the most difficult aspect and you would need a lot of modellers and animators since many of the creatures do not follow simple bipedal humanoid form.
Im sorry but the idea is weak, a concept needs to be solid from the start- trust me on that. You should never be too ambitous, especially if you are new. Make some simple plans, try get them done then build on from that. You will never get this mod done with the current state of things, and in my experience its best to build a mod around you're own concept world, why do D&D when you could make your own thing up with simlar gameplay but better themes to suit the engine and stuff?!
So I'll say it again, hate to piss on your camp fire but the mod will never be done unless you drastically change your plans and get a solid layout/design from day one.
Well thats what I've learnt from experience anyway
Yep, i strongly agree with that. I was part of 3 mods that went down the trashcan, 2 of them because no simple plan for a prototype was made. It hurts to remember that 2 years of your modlife were kinda wasted ... wasted ? Not all i say! I learned that planning is everything !

And guess what ? I planned a simple, nice little Svencoop mod all by myself. I started christmas 2002 and now, after 6 months i'm almost finished. All by myself, and it didn't take 2 years !
(wanna see it? click my website button down there)

Be simple and know what you can do, not what COULD be possible !
Stop it!! Ur hurting my self-esteem!

stats WOULD be only seen during level-up and character creation, dice-rolling behind the scenes but hmmm, maybe I have been a bit ambitious.....
maybe we could make it like the Warcraft3 mod on CS
here's how it'd work WCIII style:

Rogues-can use pistols only. have invisibility (like humans in WC3) and their footsteps can't b heard. When hitting some1 b4 any damage has been done to them (since like 10 seconds), damage is doubled.

Fighters-all weapons usable xcept awp. The Para needs an upgrading

Rangers-can dual-wield pistols and use SMGs and automatic rifles and are only ppl w/ radar

Clerics- can heal an ally to full hp and use pistols, smgs,and shotguns. Also have divine intervention ability: at a small % (maybe 1-2%), whenever the cleric is hit, a lightning bolt will randomly come from the sky and hit any1 attacking the cleric.

Archers- can only use awps, scouts, and starting weapons only. They glow...brightly... (every1 hates awpers so I gave them disadvantages)

Bards- pistols, smgs, shotguns, automatic rifles. Can sing so that all allies in a radius will do extra damage to enemies.

Monks- can move through bullets (most of the time in CS u can't move forward towards fire) and they can "dodge" (bullets have a high (maybe 60%) chance of not hitting, maybe also an immunity to awp shots.). can only use starting weapons, but pistol damage is halved. Knife will instantly kill.

Druids- send Chickens from Chickenmod at enemies!!!! Maybe can turn into a chicken!!!!! During Chicken mode, there is improved jump like the undead. Idk wut weapons, maybe shotguns and smgs.

Paladins- can um.... use any weapons they PICK UP. Can heal a person to half HP. Um.... can use all ranger weapons+shotguns

Magic-users- My head hurts.....

add in other classes.....
also, every time some1 lvls up, additional hp is given as well as stat points.

Abilities are also given during level ups
Maybe some can try to learn to use weapons their class can't or can try to specialize in a weapon to increase damage.

Class skills also- maybe some abilities are class-specific
A rogue maybe can choose to do more backstab damage or become more invisible depending, a magic-user chooses spells. Bard songs are more effective or their range is greater. Druids can summon more powerful chickens or become a more powerful chicken. Monks can increase dodge % or increase the range of their knife. Clerics might divine intervention% increased or try for other abilities.
aside from % increase, all new class skills can be selected. Like rogues might have a "deathstrike" where, if there crosshairs are on the enemy for a fixed amount of time, and he successfully sneak attacks, it automatically kills the opponent. They could decrease the time it takes to deathstrike if they chose this ability after they got it also.

boy, I have toooooo much free time :dork:
Please Red4lt3r, go to school and learn some grammar and spelling. Come ot think of it though, you were most articulate in that last post.

I can see the obvious counter-strike base you're working off of - "the para needs an upgrading" and that just isn't cool. I think they're right about the idea thingy. This may not seem very dedicated of me, but I've considered our options if we attempted to base it off AD&D. Either we'd cut out enough material that we could no longer call it Dungeons and Dragons or we could stick with unwieldy stats and pen-and-paper style gaming in an electronic, highly fluid engine. Valve said that their engine could, for the most parts, be made into any game, but the D&D mod that we're looking to make would be working off of the Half-Life 2 engine - not the pure Source Engine. Primarily a shooter, there's not a lot of D&D we could include in the mod. For instance, where would the DM be in this scheme? And if we cut out the DM and made it third person, why not just call it Neverwinter Nights?

Completely contrary to what I just typed in the last few minutes, maybe the game could have a system like Oni...
])rStrangelove -
You made svencoop? made a successful mod...
Mind is overloading...presence of one with the abilities I need...argh...

*eyes go blank and begin twitching*

Hello. Why am I typing here? Where am I?
Who am I?
i love AD&D.... in RL though. i like many d&d rpgs, but none of them have the experiance that a game with a bunch of friends does.
@Draklyne: No, i didn't make Svencoop - i make a 'themed' Svencoop map series that is almost finished by now. It's about *cough* SWars *cough* and you won't realize it's Svencoop when you play it, i promise.
Oni has the best Melee combat system IMO..
I still reckon a third person view would be much better for what you propose :p. but hell its you who is making it.....not me ;)
I decided not to inundate the forums with mod idea threads, so I'll just dump them all here.
Make a Movie - forget a mod, since they're so close to cinema animations, why not just make a movie out of it? Sweet stuff...

Another one -
the year is 2038. All is well with the world, and technology has run rampant to the point where it seems magical to the naked eye. People control electronics through mental commands to their nanobots, giving the illusion of telekineses and other psychic/magical powers.

In the center of the slums, an old power is called forth. A poor child, malnourished and innocent, attempts to control the world without touch. Though she has no nanobots, the world responds. She can levitate objects, create fire out of air, freeze lava. Magic has reawakened.

Corporations of the world join forces across continents, having already subjugated the major nations. Faced with the impossibility of producing cheap alternatives to a magical way of life, they become inhibitive. Magic is discouraged, portrayed as a dirty thing in the media. A core of magic users forms, defying WorldCorp's views. Relationships grow tense as magical miracles grow to equal technological miracles.

The first shot is fired in Chicago, Il. No one knows who, or why, but it inflames the once-neutral groups into choosing sides. The majority join WorldCorp. The rest are either fighting for their rights, hiding their magical gift, or profiting off the war.

Xiao Xiao mod - based off the Xiao Xiao stick-figure flash animations that we all know and love. And if you don't love it, LEARN RIGHT NOW! GO TO WWW.XIAOXIAOMOVIE.COM!

Godzilla Mod - Make a lot of towns and play as godzilla (3rd person) as you rampage through tokyo!

Anime Mod - Use cel-shading and create an anime-style mod. Use third person. Ninjas. Samurai. Everything that looks good cel-shaded.

Half-Life 2: Irradiation - basically improve everything in half life 2 - make the guns shoot actual, physical bullets, research liquid physics and implement it better than in HL2. Create bullettime. Basically HL2 capabilities research.
a Xiao Xiao mod mod would rule, good idea d00d, I may have to nick it...only joking lol
mods need to be 3 things
and original
sounds like half of you havent got a clue on what it takes to make a good game/mod. Stop fingering your bums and sort it out if you wanna make a mod it takes time, dedication and skill (mostly dedication). No offense but stop talking about some lame mod that'll never even hit the development process.
Everyone needs a source of inspiration, the ideas that are generated in these forums may provide this
Howser - last time you posted, you said a mod needs to be "solid". Now, you've given me the definition. "possible, fun, original".
Now, in the second half of what I'm sure you mean to be a lecture, you say -

"No offense but stop talking about some lame mod that'll never even hit the development process."

There are a few things wrong with this. First off all, I'm firing off ideas. If I did not do this, I would most likely go insane. Also, let me make it clear that this is no plug. The ideas don't even have development teams behind them. Furthermore, these are multiple ideas, not just one.

"No offense but stop talking about some lame mod-"

One is called singular. Two is called plural. Anything higher than two is also called plural.

Let's see.
How do you know what's possible until you try? No one knows completely what's possible with the aging half-life 1 engine, much less the Source engine. If you're going to try to squash someone's hopes, ideas, and aspirations, make sure they think YOU, at least, are capable of more than they are. You don't know anything about the Source engine that I don't, so therefore, you can't be more capable than I am talking about what's

I don't think you should have mentioned this. Anything can be fun when approached with the right mindset. Everyone is different. Who are you to judge what
is? Unless you're God. In which case, I'm sorry for typing this.

I like to be
it's something I enjoy. If you're going to point out a weakness in any of my ideas, tell me "Godzilla is copyrighted." or "Xiao Xiao is someone else's idea." or even "Half-Life 2 is owned by Valve and you should never ever put your filthy hands on it." But no. All you do is say
"mods need to be 3 things
and original"
implying that none of my ideas are. You don't even bother analyzing them and showing me my errors.

Let me analyze your posts now. Earlier, you said
"Im sorry but the idea is weak, a concept needs to be solid from the start"
which indicates that the D&D world has not been popular for decades, and has not come into its third revision, has not been balanced and perfected, and therefore has glaring weaknesses at its core. hmm.

"You should never be too ambitous"
Along with this comment
"Well thats what I've learnt from experience anyway"
I can guess you've learned only failure, and you're sharing the feeling. So what mod have you released, eh? I'd like to hear.

Oh, good, I have another 8600 characters to go before they cut me off.

"its best to build a mod around you're own concept world"

Check, concept world built. Any mention of my new concept world? Nope. No mention of any of my ideas, much less the one I released with the thought "New concept world! New concept world!"

Who are you? Do you have some gifted, transcendental right to censor the ideas modifications might arise from? If so, I'd like to see some ID and certification. For crying out loud, this is a "Half-Life 2 Editing" FORUM. It was born for this stuff!

If you
"hate to piss on [my] camp fire"
why do you insist that
"half of you havent got a clue on what it takes to make a good game/mod"
when that's obviously a form of pissing on my campfire. I want you to
"Stop fingering your bum"
and tell me, legibly, in English, with proper grammar, what is wrong with my ideas from an objective viewpoint and correct my errors.

James 5:20 - Let him know, that he which converteth the sinner from the error of his way shall save a soul from death, and shall hide a multitude of sins.
first off I'd like to point out that I was sobering up when i made that post and I dont think i worder what I was trying to say.
I could of read all that Draklyne but I aint really got time.
I'll just say this, the point I was trying to get across was that to make a mod you need to really be dedicated to it yourself and design the concept yourself or with a close friend/s. I haven released any mods you're right and thats why I learnt this.
I lead a HL1 mod for over 3 years just for it to die- Search for
'intensity' on planethalflife and browse the archive you'll see it their it had potential but due to lack of planning we lost alot of time in development and kept loosing coders. Intensity started off from a open concept on a forum.... i just dont think it works.
I have lead countless 'dead' HL mods... each time I added something to my experience... this time it will work :)
ok. I got pissed and I talk a lot when I'm pissed. I'm happy now because I bought some candy.
For that matter I didn't bother to finish reading anyone else's post either. Someone delete this thread.
they dont delete thread.. they just close them and i dont think they are going to bother unless you have posted sometin insulting, complete noncence, wrong forum post etc.
No point in deleting this..... it seems to contain some good ideas IMO.... (the sorta RPG in the Source engine thing)
Agree.. and mods dont close threads when a person ask's to even when its thier 0wn thread.
If u can and want to, feel free to take any ideas from this thread since neither Draklyne or I have an ounce of C++ knowledge between the 2 of us
I like the RPG idea, go with that...and it's hard to do a success fully believable 1st person close combat system, maybe you could change to 3rd person when entering closecombat, like that game with the light sabers...etc

do that idea...and whats the point in not being ambitous, if you aren't ambitous in life, you end up being nothing, because you won't be aiming to be anything... so :cheese: be happy, and do what you can :p
Still alive?

I am interested in contributing to this effort. Is there anyone still out there?
it's funny how ideas that are mentioned soon find the attention of nay-sayers who point out the challenges of such an endeavor..
true this mod is far from development, but getting discussion going is a necessary step..

I think an FPS(first person slicer in this case) is the ultimate form of gaming because it is a true simulator(ie behind your eyes).
Having said that, challenges arise with the complex actions of melee combat. I agree with a previous comment about the need to embed skills and such within the game rather then have a complex system of stats.. really, i would forget the role-playing genre and focus on re-creating the experience of the environment/world you envision.
I'd love to see a mod like this but unless you haver several top notch coders as well as a very large general team I wouldnt even think about it,

ANyway, didn't mean to bum you out, just trying to be realistic,

Hope it goes well as I'm a huge DnD fan (I myself am a PnP DM),

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