AI Soldier's reactions against the Lion Ants needs improvement



Besides the weak crowbar animation, I also notice the lack of reactions the soldiers have while fighting with the Lion Ants. Do you notice that they seem to just stand still and fire like robots while a dozen Lion Ants as big as horses are coming at them?

I would like to know if this will be improved where the AI soldiers would have a more human reaction, like stepping back, dodging slightly, have some motion of self-preservation than that the video demo showed how they just stand their with no emotion just before they're about to get killed by the Lion Ants.

Hopefully this is not the case in the retail version.
yea, i agree with you. even if they just walked backwards slowly(in certain situations), it would look a little more realistic.

you gotta love the teamwork of the antlions though. one hops over the soldiers head to distract him, and the other slashes him in the back. so awesome.
There are also some minor clippings in that scene.. The ant lion's claw manages to get into the body of a soldier when it clearly shouldnt have.

And yes, the soldiers to seem a bit emotionally passive.. Hopefully this and the other defects will get fixed.
They said that it was a demo, for E3, meaning the AI will be improved alot by september correct?
Well, some of them stepped back.

My real qualm is with the fact that they just STAND THERE when they reload... C'mon, atleast take cover.

yep that is correct, they said everything was going to be fixed, especially the crowbar becasue that was added in just before e3
yea i want cool reactions i noticed that a lot too but i dont want any sissies and guys that run right away i mean they are supposed to be like special forces and i have yet to see them act like it...
um the crowbar wasnt even in the game until a few days before e3...they said they are making it exactly like the origanal from hl1

they just threw it in for show at e3
they should fix the jumping animations for the ant lions.. its wierd.
It would be cool to see an AI soldier try to run away in fear from the ant lions.
haha.. now that would be cool.... or a combine (if they are human) leying against a wall with a ant lion ontop just playing with its victim before killing it and the soldier screams in absolute fear! (BTW.. the soldier thats gets pierced by the hydra screams to!! just listen!).
Uhm those soldiers seem to be some sort of machine-soldier, so I wont be surprised if they will be emotionally passive....

Anyway if they will put some cooler reaction i will be happy, like this - :) or this :D or maybe this :O

Anway hl2 is already :O for me ;O.

Oh shit, while i was writing this post I accidentally hurt my left ball while i was trying to scratch it, AUCH
I think soldiers might flee in fear if they are completley screwed. In the PC Gamer atricle, it shows human (soldiers?) running from an attacking strider in fear. How do I know it's because of fear? Look at their eyes, they're terrified.
mmmh I think those soldiers are ally\npc, not the combine soldiers we saw against the ant lions......
considering the fact that if u saw 8 ant lions charging at your face, youd feel pretty helpless :eek:


the soldier AI looks so ****ing cool, like in the vid where gordon runs into the house, and puts the table against the door, then the soldiers shoot threw the windowns, and everything. i agree though, they do need combine improvment for when they are being attacked by ant lions
Originally posted by Mikethemaster
yep that is correct, they said everything was going to be fixed, especially the crowbar becasue that was added in just before e3

Where did you see this?

Also, as a side note, it's good that we bring stuff like this up in these forums. Why? Who knows if valve programmers come on here (as it's the most popular half life 2 site) and look for potential problems that they can fix BEFORE shipment. Bring up EVERY SINGLE issue you have with the demos and make a new thread about it.
Maby they just "frooze" some of the AI, to show the crowd when then Anties ripped some combine ass? :afro:
fish its on the webby how can you not have noticed it :bounce:

and shadow i dont think the combine are part mechanical look at barnies uniform then look at the combines (you get a pretty good look at the uniform in the hydra vid just before gordon jumps down he nails a combine with his usp) which would also indicate barney was once a combine makes your brain boggle dont it
i doubt that hl2 programmers come here to figure out wut is wrong with THEIR game but i guess u never know.
I noticed that Barney was in Combine uniform, too... at least it was madly similar. Who knows? Maybe he just stole the uniform for the armor, or perhaps he does some spying for the resistance? Whee.
I also noticed some of the anties attacked right through the matresses in the movie.. They clipped and killed the combines :|
yes i bet i would have happend sumthin like this *barney walks slow up to the combine with of course no more shooting on sight that would be wrong then as barney gets closer he does a austin powers "judo chop" drags off the combine in front of all his combine friends and undresses the combine and nicks his uniform*
:cheers: now thats a story line although completely obserd on my half still DAMN GOOD STORY :eek:
too true. Like slient said, AI will be improved by September.. Hopefully.
they should fix the jumping animations for the ant lions.. its wierd.

they jump like some beetles do irl. they have these wings that are for really short flight. mainly just helps them reach places easier. its not meant for "real" flight, like a housefly.
indeed its not just a ordinary jump its a short glide aswell
They are probably making a different AI routine for different enemies... and just haven't finished the one for the soldiers yet. Or maybe it's buggy. Better to have them stand still and be emotionless then have them gun down their team mates as soon as they get attacked...
all that will be fixed in the sure! Valve cannot screw up with this game..
Crowbar will work entirely different. It wont be like the boards smashing bit where it seemed off: that was because of demo playback issues, not the game.

Sparks will be fixed (no showing thru objects).
Enemies will get more interesting and notable deaths.

Regardless, if the enemy AI is anything like that shown by your allies, we don't have much to worry about. I think the Combine in those two situations (the jail and the street) where set to defend particular positions from behind barricades, not to run all over the place.
yea i hope the AI kicks our ass and forces us to say...say i suck...then when we meet online again everyone (except s00tpid people wo play on easy the first time[fuken pusssies]) will be pro and be playuin at another lever of gamin...then tf2 will come precious....
Originally posted by KiNG
yea i hope the AI kicks our ass and forces us to say...say i suck...then when we meet online again everyone (except s00tpid people wo play on easy the first time[fuken pusssies]) will be pro and be playuin at another lever of gamin...then tf2 will come precious....
Then all of us will lose our social lives for many, many months :E
one thing i didnt like with the antlions scene (and havent heard anyone mention this before) is that when gordon walks around the antlions they dont have any animation when they are turning.. so it looks like they sit on a turntable or something.. looks wrong
hope they add an turning animation 'til the final release
i think this is only a demo, maybe thats not the real scenes of the final game, they finished the game, and now time to beta test, fix all bugs and AI bugs too.

Anyway, like 10 ant lions vs 3 or 4 soldiers :p no time to think "hey man, help me !, we are going to die"
I'd like to see the ant lions eat the soliders/do stuff instead of just standing around looking at you after the kill, now that would make them seem more real and scary :cool:
Yes I think the AI isn't close to being done or it wasn't turned on in some scenes. At the begining of the massive fileplanet download you hear the narrator saying source is cool for 4 reasons:

Life-like charracter models: I think we've seen that and I, at least, was impressied

Physics: I don't think theres much argument that these were impressive.

Good "special effects:" I liked the fire, water, and railgun.

AI: Your allies did a good job in that one scne but in other parts the AI seemed rather weak. I agree with the poster that too many Combine were probbly in some type of guard mode AI and seemed to be little more than sentry guns especially in the ant lion part. They didn't even flee from a grenade in the Barney clip or try to avoid the buggy that I could see.
Also, The part where the combine guy kicks in the door is actually scripted. Not that it will always happen the same way but I read one of the prieviews that said if you go in and block the door, the AI knows it can follow the script of kicking in that door while shooting through that window.
Finally, where were the grenades? If you think back, everyone was astounded that the marines in HL1 would toss grenades at you when you hid from them. As far as I remember gordan was the only one to use grenades in the movie. It would have been much more effective in the scripted sequence if the soldier had tossed a nade in through the window right before they kicked open the door.
Yeah it was a bit odd how they reacted, but I thought that they did a great job with almost everything else, especially the game physics. I can't wait for it to be released, and hopefully they'll fix some of that stuff up to make it as good as the other aspects of the game.
I dont think valve would say they have great AI, and then not have it. That would disappoint alot of people and i think they want everyone to like their games. :dozey:
I think most of the people here are going to be very disappointed. Just from the wild-ass guessing and sepculation. The expectations that they will code everything in five months that they may not have been able to do in the last five years is funny. On the subject of AI, what exactly is the purpose of the AI? To throw you into a room of NPCs and a set of monsters and just let whatever happen, happen? No! AI that is fully capable of emulating a real enemy wouldn't be the focus of their programming. They are looking at telling a story with this product. The AI is there to navigate through a more interactive world. The AI is there to add interaction to the player's mvoement. AI that would have soldiers decide to go a-hunting would potentially screw things up. Just think if they started running around like bots do ... they would roam endlessly. There are likely limits to what they want AI to do.

For the demos the guards may have been flagged to hold their positions, if they were capable of running. Obviously the allied NPCs are capable of retreating positions, so the AI exists for some already. The demos would be structured to give you a good view of the action. And having grenades flying at Gordon killing him isn't exactly the effect the demo movie was going for.
and all you people going on about the crowbar
Gordon's Crowbar
Posted Thursday 22nd May, 2003 by Munro

Thanks to Lobster we have a tiny bit more information about Half-Life 2 direct from Gabe Newell. From watching the in-game movies a few people have been worried with what they have seen, namely the crowbar. The quotes below should put your mind at ease.

"The problem with the birds hanging around a gun-fight in the videos, was a demo only, and the birds will be a lot more jumpy in the finished AI"

"The crowbar has only just been included for E3 and will be closer to the original when finished"

Also after a lot of confusion about the release date Gabe has confirmed: "The 30th September release date will be the same for Europe as the US"