An idea for UK HL2.netters

May 15, 2003
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This is just an idea, don't flame me for this....

There is something called iGames UK..... they have about a million LAN and WAN centres all around the UK.... (can you guess where this is headed? :p)..... how about we all get 2gether in some of these centres for a massive UK party? (I don't know much about these things, and am assuming that people in different centres around the UK can all join a large Server and play each other :) )

But don't you think this could be really cool.... like everyone connects to a server (for some game we all like [take a wild guess what that could be;) ] and the server would be password protected :) )

what do you reckon?
Okie then, Ill post a list of iGames centres and c how many peeps we can get in
But where is Newbury (North, South, Midlands etc). and what games shall we play? :)

Personally I was thinking of Xtreme IT in Canturbury (thats cos it's near me ;) )

(dw, I'll start a poll for this later)
hmm, i vote for one near to me, because, i'm special, and you all love me.. yes even you Munro, you know you do...

anywho, sounds like some great fun, although you guys would get annoyed because I'm so Sh33t... I think that's right :p
I vote for south UK
cos munro is there, and so am I
How about, seeings as it was Badgers Idea, that he pays for everyone to get to where ever it is :p..hehe

I like this idea
Newbury is sort of south west.
hmm i dont see this working :( shame though cos it would be really cool. Unless ure all peados lol. Ps i cant spell :(:(:(:(:(:(
lets just join a 32 player svencoop server and have a mess a bout ? :LOL:
Originally posted by simmo2k3
lets just join a 32 player svencoop server and have a mess a bout ? :LOL:

Aye, that sounds good. We could have tournaments as well... think of the possibilities!

Anyway, I'm only supporting this idea because I wouldn't be able to get to wherever the even would be held :/
Originally posted by simmo2k3
lets just join a 32 player svencoop server and have a mess a bout ? :LOL:

Well, I live in England, if it was anywhere near London, then maybe, just maybe, I could manage to get myself out of my computer chair (don't get me wrong, im not overweight or anything, just very thin and very lazy.. sound familiar?) and haul myself over to it. Otherwise i'd be much happier sitting at home playing Sven Coop 2 for hours and hours.

A 32 player Sven-Coop server sounds great though. :cheers:
I live in the north, and i have to say im not Geek enough to travel all hte way down to London to play on a computer. Not that i dont like you guys buts its not like you are long time/quite close friends. I just dont know you people enough to travel that far yet.

If it were to be anywhere i think that central England would be best, being as that would mean the shortest distance for everyone.

The 32 person Sven Coop server sounds good. :)
if you want the ultimate in LAN gaming paradise i suggest this place...

The LAN INN.... ahhh the big question?... well a long time ago....
Well its a decent country Pub/Inn/Bed and Breakfast... well it is most of the time... but once a month the whole weekend is dedicated to gamers... the once niceley decorated function room and dining area turns into the unltimate LAN Party!!


A pub.... AND a LAN gaming centre!! How fkin cool is that??!?
Have i really died and gone to heaven?

Oh no, im still here in this bast.....great forum.
hmmm, yer i like the Sven-Coop Idea better, means i don't have to spend money to go anywhere and can keep money for getting HL2 etc :cheese: