Another hint...


May 19, 2003
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i didnt know TFC was named Team Fortress 1.5...yeah according to the update its not called TFC its TF 1.5...

so if tfc was included with hl and they kept making updates for it well it kinda all makes sense that HL2 comes out with TF2 and they keep putting updates out for that until its eventaully TF 2.5 with new features until eventually HL3 and then TF3. I know this has been mentioned before and discussed but what i dont get is....

They say at E3 that TF2 has alot to do with HL2 and they didnt announce TF2 at E3 because stories would get mixed up about the games and get confusing.

Then in interviews they keep avoiding the question and one of the interviews that guy said he smirked.

Also if personal emails i have written gabe has hinted it will be released with it..he has also hinted towards other peoples emails too.

So this is all really weird...i hope they announce something this summer and not wait until the release...or suprise us on the day the game goes gold and also announce TF2 is included.
What if that smirk is for a different multiplayer format? Or that multiplayer won't be included at all with the initail release, but as a supplement later on? Or perhaps they've created a similar yet different engine to use for multiplayer? The possibilites are endless. We just won't know until they say something.