Any RPG-mods with HL2-engine?



Since the engine has an ability to mimic facialexpressions in an unparallelled way, it lends itslelf perfectly to RPG-games. It seems to have been a deciding factor when Troika Games chose it for its upcomming Action-RPG Vampire-the Masquerade:Bloodlines.

So Im wondering if anybody else here is into making an RPG rather than an Action-game?
I want to do one sometime in the future, but Executive Produce it(basically means you give the team leader the details on what's gonna be done for the mod, then check up to make sure it looks right). Basically what you'd do for one would be to make the game world and let the player choose his own path, the future reflecting his decisions. Sort of like the game Fable. You could also do this for an MMPORG using the Server Hopping methods I described in another thread.

Offtopic, but I also heard that one of the regular guest stars on The Screensavers(a show on TechTV) is a member of a team making an MMPORG that's based in a 1:1 scale Earth:eek: