Best game ever (other than HL)

May 24, 2003
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I was wondering what everybody considers to be the best game ever, of course anything made or is being made by Valve would top everyones list (at least probably). So other than that, what game do you consider best of all time, doesn't matter what system its for or how old it is. It has to have been released though.

Personally, this is what I feel.

Chrono Trigger = Best game of all time
Zelda Ocarina of Time = Second best game of all time
Thief = best game for me of all time
Planescape: Torment = best RPG for me of all time
UT2003, it was awsome for a while, then I got bored with it pretty quickly because there was no decent mods, it was all the same :(

And Medalof honor Allied Assault, lol, i still love playin omaha beach
1. X-COM: UFO Enermy Unknown - It was just so darn Fun!

2. Dune II - Caused a Revolution of a gaming, although some times slow

3. Thief - Again Revolutionary, and so cool

4. Rainbow Six - Good online fun ( so much better than CS)

5. Dizzy (C64 also on spectrum) - that was so cool

6. Rick Dangerous (C64 also on spectrum) - so fun...
Apart from half life and the other odvious ones, i also like old school games, the classics like

Mad Professor
James Pond
Chuck Rock

you know all the old school Acorn, C64 and all them. I still own these consoles and computers from my early days, and they still kick ass today!!

But they have started to get old, so emulators all the way!
Doom? DOOM!?
Sorry but doom may have been groundbreaking etc but i just dont think it was that good. But thats just my opinion

Anyway i dont have a best game although i think at the time C&C the original was my favorite. Then red alert. Red alert is probably my fav RTS jsut before Starcraft. Hl has to be my favorite FPS
1. Total Annihilation - the best RTS ever
2. StarCraft - great story
3. Red Alert
4. Battlezone - multiplayer is just insane
5. C&C (original)
6. Warcraft 3

.. ugh .. as for non-RTS:

1. GTA 3
2. GTA: Vice City
3. Doom - hey back then it kicked ass .. and I was 10 :)
-Deus Ex
-Clive Barkers Undying
-NOLF 1&2
-Aliens vs Predator 2
~Tom Clancys Splinter Cell
~Turrican 2 for the Amiga
~Fallout 2
~Diablo 1&2
~Deus Ex
~GTA: VC (it is my opinion that it totally owned GTA3)
~WarCraft 2
~Halo of course
~The Monkey Island series
I have played a bunch of good games. Heres my favourites in no particular order:

- StarCraft
- Fallout 1&2
- GTA series
- WarCraft series
- B&W
- Rise of Nations
- C&C Red Alert
- Diablo series

top 2 fav. are StarCraft and Fallout 2 though!:cool:
I cant believe no-one has mentioned any of the Monkey Island games.
Not in any order!

Final Fantasy 7
Warcraft 2
Unreal Tournament (the first one)
Final Fantasy 9
The Sonic games..

ahh i cant write them all down..
sorry, Zerimski they completly slipped my mind although on the first two are "Best Ever" games, the ones since have been rather crap (although I still own them :D )


Originally posted by Stone
sorry, Zerimski they completly slipped my mind although on the first two are "Best Ever" games, the ones since have been rather crap (although I still own them :D )

You're insane. While not being as good as the first 2, they're still definitely very very good.
Whoops, forgot to add Alpha Centauri to my list. That game is so addictive, ive probably played just as much of it as I have HL and all of its mods.
Greatest game ever= Civilization II

my favorite rpg= morrowind
favorite fps besides HL= Halo
Starcraft, Rainbow six, C&C: Aftermath.
woot woot im a hydra
/me shotos acidy poison all over the non-hydras!
Monkey Islands
System Shock 2
Doom2 (absolutely brilliant)
Diablo 2: LoD was fun to play online with a friend (TCP/IP).. i wouldn't say greatest though...
Of course all those little classics i used to play like Alley Cat and Kings Quest III and stuff...

And i loved Zelda: Wind Waker and Metroid Prime... probably Wind Waker more than metroid though.
Operation Flashpoint

Star Trek - Birth of the Federation

Battlefield 1942

Mohaa Is god dam boring, especially after playing a game with the insane amount of freedom like flashpoint. You run in pretty much a streight line, and the game makers distract you with pretty buildings and a german every now and then. I hated playing that game and going "oh ill go down here opps theres a jeep in my way. Well how bout i go over here OH theres a tree blocking the way. Well, theres only one way to go then, what a surprise."
Master Of Orion 1
Star Wars: Tie Fighter
Wing Commander: Privateer
Riven: The Sequel To Myst
/me steps on SpuD

my fav was Quake II and the action mod for it...
wolfeinstein 3d was my first evar.
bf1942 is fun only for vec's ,runin and gunin is lagged by .5 or more secs

with HL's net code and great FPS run and gun movement and Vehicles in a large map with around 40 players is pure heaven...
sure hope it turns out that way :) I can have my dreams cant I?

Unreal Tournament
R6: Rogue Spear
C&C Original
Diablo2 and Expansion
GTA 1 & 2
Final Fantasy 7

All I can think of right now, all great games :)
I think that Unreal Tournament Is the best game ever. (Second if you count HL)

another fun game is GTA
lol @ UT..

UT is fun.. and GTA also.. but they are not GREAT Games. they are just addictive
Originally posted by EVIL

UT is fun.. and GTA also.. but they are not GREAT Games. they are just addictive

fun until you've played em through once..... after that they get VERY boring VERY quickly...:p
Jane's Flight Sims....

oh and that other game, you know where you run around and:sniper: stuff.
Newer Ones:
Vice City

Older Ones:
Full Throttle
Kings Quest 5 & 6
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
Leisure Suit Larry Series
Metal Gear Solid for PSX