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May 14, 2003
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Help me!!!! "For each equatoin, determine whether the Mn in MnO4- undergoes oxidation or reduction:

OH- + MnO4- + HSO3- --> MnO42- + HSO4- + H2O

Well it said off topic.
Wow, i didn't expect anyone to respond. Thanks! Mannnnn, if I get good grades this last quarter I get a new pc! Must run Half-Life 2 o_o.
thats my best guess....i was hoping someone would tell me im wrong

i did alright in chem but that was 2 years if your teacher says "well i dont care, your friend on the internet IS WRONG" sorry heh

good luck....
Lol, I took chemistry last year. Was bad at it, so dropped and took an easier science course ;)
hahahaha chemistry.......

my chem teacher is by far the worst teacher I have ever had in my 10 years (not counting preschool etc..) of schooling. I can see how chemistry could by a likable subject, but unfortunatley not one single person that has my teacher is moving on to chemistry 2 at my school. Physics is much easier too, which we are required to take at the same time (IB stuff), because it is mainly simple algebra equations that you just plug number into. None of this periodic table or common polyatomic ions business. No sir, not for me haha
My god! i hate ox and re ... Acid and base is pain in da ass as well.
hahaha today my chemistry teacher taught us for 30min and then gave us a test on what she taught us. I think that is retarted, and its not the 1st time she's done it haha some people....

nuclear weapons ... dont even try home made explosives are far more fun but dont expect not to get hurt:flame: :borg:
If your still wondering, it is reduction

I'm understanding your equation as MnO4 having a 1 minus charge on the left hand side and MnO4 having a 2 minus charge

Loss (of electrons i.e. less -ve)

Gain (of electrons i.e. more -ve)

What level chemistry are you taking?
last one kthxbai

EDIT: I'm sorry kage, i've learned my lesson :(
Actually Im pretty sure its reduction, since the 2- added Mn04 are electrons, i think, and reduction is a gain in electrons. Could be wrong, studying this at the moment with Biology in terms of respiration at college so could be different to chemistry theory.
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