Congrats Sniper and the Sven team!

Check the news Munro just posted on the main page.
Knew it was coming, very glad it did. Go SvenCoop!
I used to play sven co-op exclusively, and it was a really fun mod, I was even an admin in one of the servers.

I am so glad to see it back up for HL2
confirmed some multiplayer pretty much...
this is monday important info?
Nice...really nice...really nice indeed...this opens up for experimentation.
Well, a least we got something good HL2 related today.
If none of you have played Sven-coop for HL1 yet, do so NOW. Looking forward to Sven-coop for HL2 :cool:
I'm so glad about this, I know the Sven Co-op team will make this a fun, playable and polished package.
HL2 with m8s. like throws barrels at each other etc :D
you dont need the co-op mode to throw barrels at each other, you will probably be able to do that in good old death match...