I apologize if a thread like this has been posted, but as I sat playing Opposing Forces I got to wondering...will Half Life 2 have a Half Life 2: Opposing Forces where you play as a Combine soldier or something similar to that? Just a thought...
I'd answer...but I don't know what Opposing Force is. I'm a little young and (mostly) missed out on the Half-Life craze.
This was posted awhile back but that thread didn't exactly go anywhere.

I think there will be something like an Op-Force for HL2, maybe designed by Gearbox again.
Yeah, i bet there will be, since OpForce did good.
that'd be interesting, but the combine soliders seem so alien compared to the generic marines displayed in Op4.

Who knows the hell their boot camp enforces.
I recommend waiting for HL2s ending to consider an OpFor version.
You know the ending of opfor ?, where the nuke went off, what was that like because I didnt see a nuke at all
You were in an Osprey with Gman and he says

"as for Black Mesa"

LARGE BOOM, bits of metal fly past you

"well that seems to have taken care of itself"

I might have misquoted, but still, you never see the blast, just hear it...
I am sure there will be opposing force kind of game/addon to HL2
Hehe, maybe Point of view:)

BTW, has anyone played it?
I see need to play that....

of course there will be an Opposing Force addon... because Valve would want to continue the adventure....
i think valve should try something not-fps after TF2:BHOA and HL2.

That'd be interesting.
hmmmmm, yeh I guess so.... since they will have most likely have defined the FPS genre for years to come..