damn sims online!!!


May 17, 2003
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god i'm so pissed off... I just downloaded the sims online 14 day FREE trial, 1.3gb!! yes a 1.3gb download!!!, and suddenly *BLING* you need a damn credit card (i'm 16 :eek:), the site I downloaded it from (www.gigex.com) did even say you need a credit card, or it could be me being stupid, god damn them.....

phew...glad I could get that out
I played the beta of that. it was pretty fun, although i got kinda bored with it. i like the sims and the human intereaction made it good but i need something more from those games. It wasnt enough of a challenge. It was just time consuming.
lol.. myeah.. most MMO online games cost money.
Why bother with the sims? Imo its the worst thing to happen to PC gaming ever!:sleep:
I played sims once.. for 5 minutes.. I will never install it again in my entire life.. god its boring.
Hrm, why dont oyu play REAL games like halflife, but i must admit, locking people in biuldings is fun(im not sure if you can do that, because i have never played it)
You can. And after a while they die.
I found it interesting for a while but like i said before it poses no challenge. The only reason i found the sims online intersting is because you could talk with other people. Although you often got males of about 12 pretending to be women. "iv3 g0t 1337 br3asts wanna play l0v3!!!1!" That was a mild thing, most of what they said cant be repeated here.
If you put people in a pool and then take out all of the pool ladders they will drown, its fun.
Originally posted by EVIL
I played sims once.. for 5 minutes.. I will never install it again in my entire life.. god its boring.

yep...me too......my mate likes it tho..... there is some fun to be had...just not much
I used to play it heaps, it was kinda fun... idunno it's just shitty now...
The Sims sucks!!!

I played it a little when I was like 2 years old.

It is just a crappy game..

I hate it!!!!!
methinks hes on about Calgar..... nice sig Simmo btw, mebbe ull make it onto my next best sig poll ;)....
I doubt that. Im going to win that poll. And when i do il use my power to rule this forum.