Developer Interview: anyone want to hear it?


May 14, 2003
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I just made an MP3 of a 34 minute long interview with Gabe Newell and Jay Stelly. It doesn't contain lots of information you haven't already heard, but it does explain their philosophy behind game design, how they felt about a lot of the challenges in building the engine, and other stuff that hasn't bee featured anywhere else. It used to be a video, but I cut out all the random Half-Life 1 noises that were added in, as well as Gabe's occasional ten second long pauses.

Problem is, I don't have any way to host the file. I know there are people out there who haven't heard it, and would like to, so how do I get it to them (I also have a slow modem conneciton, so it would take a while to upload, even though it's only 6megs)
See me on IRC (#halflife2 on and I'll upload it here.
Sweet!! thanks so much Munro and Apos. I use dialup and Ive been really wanting to hear what was said in that interview.
I made one right at the peak of all the hl2 file madness... i didnt bother editing out the shitty hl1 sounds and the i-am-fat-and-im-pausing bits...

GJ on putting in your time.