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Jun 3, 2003
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This is a discussion of a person's character, that is, his/her trustworthiness. The person in question is "-FP- LoS", a self-named modder who has showcased the mod "Liberation of Seoul - Korean War" on The Big Mod list thread. -FP- LoS is accused of stealing renders in the BF1942 mod community under the name FokkerPro, according to Violent J in this example:

So Fokkerpro, before he was -FP- LoS, stole renders but now that he is -FP- LoS he is doing on legit work? Ok that is fine. I am just curious why he didn't just admit he was Fokkerpro and apologize for what he had done and promise he is on the straight and narrow now?

However, -FP- LoS denies being "FokkerPro", saying only that
I am not fokkerpro, fokkerpro is on the mod team. If there is anyway I can proove this then please let me know, to end all of this.

Furthermore, the forum member Sherril, who is in agreement with Shirow, says
fokkerpro I come again to prove you are [lying]
essentially casting further doubt on -FP- LoS.

Both sides should post their argument for/against the innocence of -FP- LoS in bullet points, i.e. I'm too tired to gather up all of the info in the threads.
To get solved. ;)

BTW: Hey green, nice to see another bf1942 comm. member ;)
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