DoDo on Steam?


Jul 2, 2003
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DoD on Steam?

Hi, I just installed the Steam Beta from FP, and it looks nifty (getting 1.3 Mb/s for TFC/CS updates)...

Anyways, I would like to play DoD, and it is in the server filters list, but no games show up. Does steam support DoD?

Also, this is a basic question, but is the update that Steam is getting for CS a 'steam-specific' CS update? Cause I played CS (through the old in-game browser) a few days ago, and I was not out of date....

You need to put DOD in the steam folder where other games and such would be.

Yes it is a Steam specific update.
Hmm, how do I 'add' Dod?

It is not in the list of games in the Steam 'Games' menu.

I wonder if this version from FP is just some sample version.

Do I need to manually add some DoD file to the directory where I installed Steam to?

Yes, install manually so that the dod folder is like placed where "cstrike" folder is in Steam.

Like DOD folder should be shown here X:\Program Files\Steam\SteamCache\[account email]
Thanks for the help.

I added the folder, but now where can I find the DoD 'gc cache' file to put in there, as it still does not show up in the Steam games menu.
Hmm...i suggest you try searching google "dod steam"
Installing dod on steam is not really supported. In the future steam will probably have support for installing all hl mods. But that's something for the future :D