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May 27, 2003
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Is it going to matter where you shoot your enemies? I mean if you shoot them in the head is it gonna count as a head shot and put them directly to sleep or do you have to shoot sevral shoots in the head? :bounce:

Please reply....
Yeah I have asked myself that to..
I think that they will have a hitzone system. They had it in HL I think.... Just look at CS !
Cs is one thing but know its a whole new never know....
Yeah but why would they NOT have it... Its the most important thing when we talk about Realism....
Yeah but they are aliens...maybe they dont need a brain...or maybe the brain isint in the head... :bounce:
In HL1 you can kill a marine quicker by shooting him in the head, so the answer to your question is YES :D
I wish HL2 had things like SOF, for example, shoot them in the leg and they limp around etc...but IMO i dont think that will be in HL2 :(, I didnt really see any evidence in the vids
Hmm... but when the zombies gets decampitated buy that razor-thingy..... Or is that just a special scene for E3 ?
I hate rank systems... People just spam the forum to get a higher rank....
I wish this was like the ut2003 fourms...they have removed the "post count" so people cant say:

heh j00 nub lik3 1 hav a bigg3r post c0nt th@n j00!

yeah, laguna is right, this will stop people trying to get thier post counts up by spamming and being nubs
I dont know how you want me to see...Please explain...

if you have a low post count/ranking it makes you look like a nub, but if you have a high post count new comers will think your cool and know loads :D, thats why people up thier post count :D
ok? So ppl post so many as they can just to not look like a n00b?

I like forums with a no post count, Or forums with post counts but have off topic not counting. A 0 post count and a custom title is leet ;)
Originally posted by skogum!
I dont know how you want me to see...Please explain...


Ahhh.. N00b... U have done 55 posts in like 2 hours... Spamming (??)
Well I dont really care if theres a rank system or nor as long as noone bothers me....
yeah i would like that too, no post count but a custom title :D sweeet
I post because I have no life...I have nothing to do with my time so I sit at the forum all day long...I DIDINT EVEN KNOW THERE WERE A SYSTEM!!!:flame:

Actually, IIRC, the Zombie gets blown in two by an explosive barrel. The other zombies get ripped in half by the rotor, but don't stay alive afterwards.
Maybe if you get a really nice shoot with the shotgun on a Zombie, it gets ripped in half... maybe maybe
Or if you throw a sharp object with the grav gun that they get cut at the place it hit....

Nice ideas... Sounds impossible to me, but U just cant be sure. Valve is pretty good at coming up with crazy ideas !!!
Yeah..but its like having a car racing game that creates its own scrathes and that'll mean that the games are smart as hell ( *dont know if hell is smart but its an expression* )!