Domestic Dispute


Jun 2, 2003
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Name: Domestic Dispute
Setting: Trinity City, 2004
Plot: Trinity city is you regular one of a kind city. It is split into 3 areas: the ghetto, the residential community, and the business district The game will start you off as a Gang Member/Law Enforcement Agent. Well, as a gang member you are trying to cap the city as your territory against other gangs or law enforcment agents. As a law enforcer your duty is to rid the city off gangs, drugs, and everything else that is bad for a population by taking out the gang members. Somewhere in the mix, it's a city enviorment which you can do what you want to do be that walking around shooting people or taking your phat-ass ride and street race with other players.


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hehehe, submerge, remember me? you left me behind with the 8 teams coding! thanks for tellin me we moved!
by the way, i better be in on this mod, you guys ditched me in battlefield 1942 :(
dang dude, u gotta lot of posts here.

anyways, we shall see. i must've contacted u 50 times on AIM and you never replied back. i though u ditched me
man.. put some info on your website exept a team page and a newspage!. we need info INFO!! DETAILED info in the form of a online design doc
i am currently working on it,m i have been gone for the last 2 weeks so i had no time at all
oke.. dont forget is.. "i'l be watching you" :)