Don't trust ValVed_RaY

May 24, 2003
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theres some fagget impersonating me with the user name
"ValVed_RaY", notice my name, it has not underscore, just keep an eye out for him.
I thought you got banned for something and pulled a TUGENSTEIN lol.

lol, Thugenstien. You should probably have posted this in the "general off-topic" forum.

EDIT: But no biggie, there really hasn't been much to talk about these last few days.
ValVed_RaY has been banned, and the person who created the account has been spoken to.
Originally posted by ValVed RaY
im not thugenstein, and spud when are you talking about?

I know your not him (thank god). But when he was banned he didn't take a hint and came back as THU9ST3IN or whatever and got banned again. I thought you were banned for posting something too graphic about alyx or something and were back as Valved_Ray.

How do we know that YOU aren't the liar?
I trust neither of you, if you bare the same name, then I really don't trust you :devil:
I dont even care.

/me puts on a "I dont give a damn" mask
/me joins in not caring
.....I agreed with him once..and he insulted me :flame: (don't care which 1 tho)
True that.. let's get on the topic. So what were we saying about valved rod? or ray? oh yes. WE know that he is a huge spammer with no reputation.
because you make replies at about the color of a guys shirt and stupid crap. so this thread would have been bumped to the bottom if it wasn't for you, please don't reply with your little "i am a fagget " replies
I am a fagget....

...shit, that didnt work out the way i planned.
HAAHHAHA is that picture of you? at first i thought "BWAHAHA HILARIOUS PARODY OF ELITISTS" but then i thought "oh dear it might be him, poor guy"