e-mail from Valave regarding modeling.


May 15, 2003
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Hey guys I wrote vavle a simple e-mail just asking the question; what will be are options as perspective "moders" as far as modeling is concerned. This is their reply:

Hi Shawn,

We aren't quite prepared to talk about the specifics yet, but yes, you will
be able to get your own models and animations into the game. Mod creation
for Half-Life 2 will be just as open as for Half-Life 1, even more so, in
many areas.


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From: Shawn Sullivan [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Monday, June 02, 2003 8:02 AM
To: [email protected]
Subject: Quick Question regarding Modeling possibilities for Half-Life 2

Several of us perspective "mod" designers are wondering, what role will we
be able to play as far as modeling our own characters and animations. I am
aware you guys are use XSI for all of your models and animations, so my
question is:

will it be possible for people to get their own models and animations into
the game?
If so what programs might we be looking at that will give us this
sorry okay.....it just made me feel all warm and cozy inside.;(
lol, that sure is an extremely stupid question... everyone could have asnwered that...
He just wanted to feel special, so he emailed VALVe
I would of asked something more of like polycounts and what kinda maps can be applied to character models.. bump/specular ect
Originally posted by Fisheye
what a stupid question :cool:


Now, now, there is no such thing as a stupid question, just the stupid people that ask them ;)

jk bud.
lol.. @ the first question :) you could do that since Quake1 was out . so yeah.. the questions where pretty dumb
yeah yeah yeah......anyways, sorry if my e-mail sounded like dumb question. I just didn't see the point in wasting my time putting a model together only to find out that a specific program would be needed.

I dont know...Thought I was being helpful.
even i could have answered that, and I don't even model that well.
hmm.... i think ill e-mail valve to...
Ill ask em if its stupid to ask if we can use our own models :D

and Yakuza´s right...... Better save than sorry :D