[EFoG] is recruiting



Hi guys,
well it's time for me to recruit some ppl. In about a week EFoG's community will go online, but you can never start too early isn't it?
I've already got some members, but I need more!!
At least I need an admin.
We'll be playing HL2 and TF2, and it's a clan based on having fun, and not in shouting and blaming each other for the mistakes he or she makes in battle.

Mail me at [email protected]
U'll hear from me soon
good luck recruiting m8,we already have our site,a top end server,and we ain't got anyone apply for half life2 yet.
Well, I still got hope. I think the most people will join when HL2 is released. It's maybe just a little bit too early to recruit, but you never know. By the way Commando, are you an experienced clanleader? Cause this is my 1st time I'll be leading a clan, so if you've got some hints and tips, plz tell me about it
Forgot to tell, EFoG standsa for Elite Forces of God:devil: :flame:
important thing i think is to just have fun.enjoy playing the game as a team,and go for good ppl over good players...most of the top end l33t players are major assholes,not all,but most:cheese:
Rrg that Commando, I chose good players and kicked the asses who tryed comin in. Lead with a soft hand but stout head.
Allright, I'll keep that in mind.

Would you 2 (SGX_D and Commando) please visit my site, and tell me what you think of it. I'm not very confident about it, don't know why...I'll hear from you soon
Nice... just doesn't really look like it is for a clan. Left side looks like its for a clan... then the right is all forums that you would find here. There isn't a members section, news, art, about EFOG, or anything else you will need.
sites ok,not everyone is a uber webdesign guru.im not happy with my own clansite,but a m8 of mine is going to re design it for me..and he is a proper web designer.:cheese:
You're right SGX, I have to make a section of the clan itself. The banner and the logo are cool huh?! Logo is drew by a friend of mine. Even Marvel Comics asked him:cool: