Email from Gabe


May 19, 2003
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Im sorry to bother you but can you in any way give me some information about

TF2 or HL2's multiplayer or even when we can expect some of the info? Thank you...


I cant believe that....
poor tokin, lol i dont see why he couldnt say when more info would be given. Oh well. :(
The first rule of HL2 multiplayer is you don't talk about HL2 multiplayer.

Rofl what the hell you expect Gabe giveing you a full rundown of the TF2 features..
TF2 is not going to be HL2's multiplayer ..... at least I doubt it very much.... they bear no relation to each other
Uh badger, i take it you dont read many of the posts i have made over this or what the valve guys said at E3. They said that the reason they didnt have TF2 at E3 this year is because people would get mixed up with the stories between HL2 and TF2 and that TF2 has to deal alot with HL2 and if would spoil alot of things in HL2 if they released any info at all for TF2. So who knows, maybe it wont be the multiplayer side of HL2 but atleast what they said explains something.
it wont be HL2s mp.... but they will be related in some way methinks :p.... and I have read all your posts, no worries.... :E
how are you 2 so sure that it wont be...i guess its not that likely but is there any proof? about that Gabe actually mailed you telling you that TF2 wouldn't ship with HL2 initially? doh!

eh who cares we will soon find out when it comes out wont we
1 word to describe that email- OWNED!!!1
Or maybe...

Or maybe the source engines are similar but the game storys completely different as seen in ut2k3 and unreal 2.
You should have asked him a direct question, not a "tell and describe" type :cool: