Engine details

I hope some of that stuff is true, like running it at max at 70fps on a GF 4 TI 1.7ghz :D
Article by Vyacheslav 'Hoaxer' Djura. Special thanks to Ian 'Half-Life_Maniac' Oakley.

Notice the first guys nickname ... hoaxer ;)
Hope this info is true if so all i need is a new graphics card :D
Don't hope to much.
The recommended settings are 2Ghz, 512 RAM (not shure about that though) and a DX9 graphics card.
Surely this is bullshit, there's no way on this earth that that system could run HL2 on full detail, let alone at 70fps.

Someone needs to think before they speak.

to clear up this bull, let me show you the recommended specs for battlefield 1942. 800 mhz processor, 256 ram, and any 64 MB supporting Direct 3d and Hardware transfer and lighting capable video card. I basically have the exact recommended specs for hl2, and i can't even play battlefield 1942 max detail at resolution of 1200 x 1024 without some major choppiness in vehicles
The battlefield 1942 engine sucks so bad if you dont have a monster of a computer
half-life2 != battlefield 1942

there's no way on this earth that that system could run HL2 on full detail

What if HL2 is well designed so that distant objects are drawn signifiacnly faster so that it will run at 70 fps on a 2Ghz machine with a GF4 - even if BF1942 can't. Some game engines put detail settings in that really slow, so that you are able to improve the game's look years in the future when more advanced hardware is available. Maybe HL2 wont do this.

The point is you don't know. None of us do. It seems likely that the claim is false. That you wont be able to run at 70 fps with full details. In any case, how can you say with such conviction that it is BS, when the game isn't out yet?

Someone needs to think before they speak

Is that someone you, Bilko?
I lot of people here are saying things like "What will be the shoot button?", god damn the game isnt even out yet, we dont know, people need to think before asking stupid questions :p, derby your point exactly :)lol
someone on a counter-strike mapping forum's most burning question about HL2 was what will be the name of the new map editor!

Like Hammer v4 or maybe even Screwdriver..................
Depends what resolution you're running to tell you the truth.

You could be running max details at 800x600 or 1024x796 and get 60fps (with the gf4 ti and 1.7 ghz) , that seems feasible to me.

But it would most likely dip when there's lots of action.

Maybe it's just wishful thinking from me, cause my system is gf 4 ti, and athlon xp 1900+.
bah... speculation.... conjecture... guesswork.... opinions! We will not know if HL2 will run at those frame rates on such a system until the game is released. But remember this - HL1 is a directX 6.0 based game engine. HL2's minimum requirements state that a directX 6.0 based card is the bare minimum needed to play. Speculate on that fact.... :E
It's true we can't tell until it's released. Either way tho it's obvious you guys are just denying a good thing to avoid dissapointment :/
Let's hope we get a very optimised and well coded and well made game, so that it will run good even on low-end systems.
I think we'll get that. And have in mind that the game has been under development for 4 years now, they've had some time.
look at vice city compared to the gta3 for computer..

gta3 while having graphics at par or less detailed than vice city, ran like complete shit on many people's computers.. yet months later.. a newer game with better weather effects and graphics.. made by the same people, vice city runs much much much smoother on people's computers...

is it not possible that coding could have to do with how well a game will run, and that hl2 MIGHT be coded well enough.. that it would be able to run and look as well as it does, on a relatively mid-range system like in the statement?

while i don't think that statement is official or even based on fact.. i don't think it's that far off. running the game on mid-max detail at 1024x768x32 with minor hiccups to a constant 60-70 fps would not surprise me. sure having 20 antlions on your screen being shot to pieces might make the fps drop a bit momentarely.. it's not like that wasn't obvious though.

(if parts or all of this post make on sense.. no worries.. i just got in at 6:35 am from a night of drinks, cigarettes, awesome drum and bass beats, girls, and insanity.. forgive me for the randomness.)
Originally posted by simmo2k3
I lot of people here are saying things like "What will be the shoot button?", god damn the game isnt even out yet, we dont know, people need to think before asking stupid questions :p, derby your point exactly :)lol
.. um... people who would ask questions like that.. or think that questions like that will be answered when the game comes out are completely ignorant. the primary fire key is obviously going to be bindable, just like the original half-life, while their is going to be a default setting, i don't see how a question like "what key is <insert action here> going to be?" are even relevant to the game, or it's release date.
I'm not so sure I 'd believe that claim of 70fps at max detail(I interpet that to mean also at high res).
BUT, Do remember that HL2 will be using an LOD system (according to Gabe and some evidence in some screenshots) and that might make fps predictions based on comaprisons to previous FPS game engines impossible.
The LOD system in HL2 seems to be very well implemented. I haven't seen any of the butt-ugly, obvious LOD trasitions so common in other games.