Hey guys!

Has anyone seen the movie Equilibrium? I watched it last week, and I must say that it has become my new favorite movie! I loved every second of it! Although there are things I'd have liked to see improved. Like...

*** SPOILERS ***

Highlight to read:
When they showed Preston's kids in class, the boy smiled and the girl pet the dog under the table. HOW did the girl smuggle the dog in?

I've heard great things about it, I'll have to try and see it. Is it out on video or is it still in theaters somewhere?
It's out on video and DVD. You may have to look around, however.
It is very good.
The girl was at home not at school. take look at the background.
Notice my preston avatar.
it was good. but - try reading fahrenheit 451.. it is a mix between that.. the matrix.. and a few other things.. not very original, but better then most movies.
i think fahrenheit 451 was written about 20 years or more ago. so i think it was original back in its day.
. . . i'm not saying f451 wasn't original.. i'm saying it was and this was less.
I've been hearing a lot about this movie recently (and certainly that thanks in part to people's avatarts and sigs :) ). When somebody joined a CS server named "Grammaton Cleric", I though, OK thats it, I have to go watch it or I'll miss out on something big.

I watched it today and it absolutely kicked f*cking ass. It's what Matrix Reloaded should have been like. I especially like how prefectly they use the music to demonstrate what the characters are feeling. Go rent it now.


When he walks through the door why doesn't he just shoot the father with his rifle. I know it's so they can have a sword fight, but it doesn't really make sense if you think about it. I hate when they do stuff like that in movies.
I have seen it and i think the story was ok. Nothing super. The great things in this movie are the battle scenes. Top Class! This is how the matrix reloaded shold have been done. Less Kung Fu more Gun Kata!