Fallen Faith A MMORPG Mod For Half-Life 2


Flying PJ

Server jumping and minimod will be the biggest things, but we are also going for a cool factor. There will not be many stats. We are planning a "if you can buy it, you can use it" basis. We are also planning to have the following be stats, but you can only gain stats by using a weapon or item, a la Dungeon Siege:

Akimbo- Your ability to aim while using duel-fisted weapons.
Medical- Your ability to use medical kits to heal others.
Repair- Your ability to repair weapons and armor. Everyone will need to know about this slightly, it will play a huge role because weapons will wear down over time.
Engineering- Your ability to construct armor and weapons, you will be able to make completely different and new weapons.
Driving- Your ability to use vehicles in the outlands and cities.
Heavy Weapons- Your ability to use rocket launchers, miniguns, and mounted machine guns.

There will be over 50 weapons including: pistols, rifles, shields, knives, blades, ect. Since Fallen-Faith takes place in the year 2040, we are able to combine modern architecture with futuristic weapons. Combat will be taking place in all areas, such as cities, outlands, etc. There will be no escape from combat. You will be forced to join either the Alliance or China. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. There is no Neutral. Now, to capture cities, you must go into the city’s generator room (by first disabling security at the police station) and destroy the generator. Next, you must go to the town square, and use the hacking tool to revert the city to your side. This will bring all merchants to your side as well (the generation will be auto repaired).

There are ten different armor types in all. Each side has three armor types exclusive to themselves. Both sides have Kevlar, just a basic vest, standard issue to all soldiers. Reinforced Kevlar is slightly better than regular Kevlar, but at a higher price. It protects your arms and legs, as well as the chest. Athletic Armor allows unlimited stamina and the ability to do wall jumping, diving, rolling, ect. The disadvantage is that you only have two pistol holsters and limited space. Stealth Armor kills your footstep sounds and absorbs light, which means you’re invisible. Anything light reflects is visible and if it doesn’t reflect, you don’t see it. The downside is that you will only be able to carry one pistol, but enough room to carry 2 clips of ammo and a med kit, as well as a hack tool. The Alliance only armor includes:

Metal Plating- Armor is just what the name says, major protection, but only allows very limited movement.
Titanium Armor- Has extreme protection, but limited movement as well.
Electronic Armor- Armor utilizing the power of electricity to protect the body, is extreme protection and versatile, but at a very high price. If someone uses an EMP near-by the system shuts down for 30 minutes.

The China only armor list includes:

"Soft" Plating- Using a material created for space suits by NASA, this suit is very versatile while having medium protection.
Liquid armor- Using a magnetic force to hold water to the very light armor, it provides high protection and is very versatile. However, if shot at a position on the chest, the system shuts down leaving the player vulnerable.
Plasma Armor- Using plasma to shield the player from all bullets, this armor is only vulnerable to explosives. If the armor comes in contact with an explosive, everything blows.

Here are all the guns that are in the mod. This is just a short list and is not by any means final. The weapons are not in any order, but they will be soon. The weapons are as follows:

1.) Glock
2.) Usp Expert
3.) M16
4.) M4
5.) Law (Heavy weapons)
6.) Stinger (Heavy weapons)
7.) H&K MP5
8.) H&K G36C
9.) H&K PSG1
10.) H&K MSG90
11.) H&K PDW
12.) 9mm Beretta
13.) H&K UMP
14.) H&K 79AL
15.) H&K 23E (cannot be fired while moving and only by heavy weapons)
16.) P2000 9mm x 19
19.) Mark 23
20.) AK-47
21.) AK-74
22.) RPG 9 (heavy weapons)
23.) Spas shotgun
24.) M4 Super 90
25.) Desert Eagle
26.) Mac 10
27.) H&K LRL
28.) H&K OICW 5
29.) Browning Assault Rifle
30.) Mini Stinger
31.) Pulse Rifle
32.) H&K Plasma Rifle
33.) M1 Grande
34.) M1 Carbine
35.) M14
36.) Gatling gun (Heavy weapons)
37.) Colt 1911
38.) Springfield Subcompact
39.) Magnum
40.) Beretta Giubileo
41.) Beretta U 22 Neo's
42.) Beretta cx4 Storm Carbine
43.) EMP Projectile

Note: You will only be able to carry 1 rifle and 2 pistols at any one moment.

Both sides will have the following vehicles:
Humvee- With a mounted machine gun on top of it, this wide-bodied military vehicle with four-wheel is able to seat three people. Adard Tank- A simple tank with a mounted turret with the ability to swing 360 degrees. The Alliance only vehicles include:

Knouk Tank- A tank made of titanium. It is very clunky, but is extremely powerful. 100mm. Its top speed is 50 mph.
Saiad tank- This tank uses electric currents on top of titanium to project. 120mm. Its top speed is 50 mph.
Banshee- A one man motorcycle with a 30 caliber machinegun mounted on it. Its top speed is 90 mph.

The China only vehicles include:
Simon Tank A1- Tank using a weak version of the water technology, it slows down bullets so that it hits the armor lightly. The armor is made of very weak metal for ultimate versatility. This tank has an 80 mm turret on top of it. Its top speed is 60 mph.
Simon Tank A2- This tank uses an advanced version of the water technology, with a 100 mm turret mounted on top of it. Its top speed is 60 mph.
Gaesh- A one man motorcycle with a 20 caliber machinegun mounted on it. Its top speed is a blistering 100 mph.

Note: if an EMP is used near any of these vehicles, it is rendered useless.

Now for the storyline. In 2020, China's leader was assassinated while China was in talks with the United States to leave their communist roots. Sinchow Husaki, Ganuchi Husaki's son, is appointed leader. In 2021, he accuses the United States of spying on China and assassinating his father. In 2022, China sends 23 nuclear missiles to the United States. The U.S. detects them about half-way in the Atlantic, and immediately counter attacks, with all of Europe joining in. China knows it will be destroyed, so it launches nuclear missiles to all countries, enemy or not. In one day, most of the world has been destroyed, with only 100,000 humans surviving. Two years later in 2024, the remaining humans find out that China’s communist government survived, and are now trying to take over the world. The remaining humans have two choices; join China or the Alliance. The Alliance is a rebel force started by Ryen O Brian. Both forces are at each others neck, currently fighting over the fate of the world.

We are currently looking for: modelers, mappers, coders, animators, skinners, and 2d artists (texture artists). Please contact me at [email protected] or Original Prankster at [email protected]. Thanks to anyone who can read this and give comments/ suggestions.
If you get this "server jumping" thingy sorted out and coded...this mod will be one of the best :D for sure :D
Extremely ambitious. MMORPG's are definitely complex in every aspect from world control to world behaviour. However, don't let that distract you from your vision and dedication. One thing though: hopefully you guy's aren't planning on releasing all of those guns? - Release a small portion otherwise balance will be a bitch, pardon my french, to incorporate. I understand you probably think more is better, but think of execution--will it all fit and play right?

I trust you and your team are very talented and will release something great so I wish you the best and good luck with this very ambitious project.
Whoa, lots of background and planning done. Nice. I've got a few issues with it though, some things I'd like to know. Have you read any projections about China's future? Also, how does China get enough nukes to blow the UN out of commission? I'd suggest changing the names as well - no offense but they sound Japanese.

Make background checks on culture. If this is gonna be an MMORPG, how will you control the story? Or will it just be a vast world you wander around in? Maybe the story will change with every patch.


Drak out
Well good job on taking the server hopping from roleplay ww3.. But if you can dish out your mod and its good then i dont really care.. hope it works out for ya.. good luck
Whoa. Seems like a cool idea, good luck!:cheers:
This mod is going to be great for sure. I will watch the progress of this mod.
I hope it has 3rd person view :dozey:

Sounds cool,I just hope this turns out on the good side.