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May 6, 2003
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So what are you guys' favorite HL SP levels? The episode I like most is Surface Tension and especially that cliff-side part where you walk on ledges and dodge helicopter rockets. Very thrilling, I nearly peed myself when I walked too near those edges and made gravel fall. :)
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my favorite moment was the scripted sequence near the beginning of "No way out" (i think that's what it was called--might have been "Locked in" or something) ...anyway, it was when the scientist rushed over to the window and shouted "For god's sake, open the door!" but the poor security guard inside, who reached for the switch, got grabbed by a monster and pulled into an air duct. poor guy :)

The rooms with the big old laser gun thing that disentegrates everything inside the room! That and your first meeting with the gargantua. Man when I saw the gargantua I nearly pissed my pants. Crap I just realized why I love Half Life so much... I never got to see any previews, my friend just showed it to me and I was like WOW! Damn it now I have to do the same with this:p
Too many good levels... It would probably be the first level you see the marines on with all the scientists running for help and being gunned down. But I do have a couple of favourite scenes from Questionable Ethics :)

Scene One

Scene: You have managed to break into a small storage area behind an out of control surgical robot. scientists are hiding in the storage closet. They ask for your help in getting free, and offer their own help which you will need to get out of the labs.

Scientist 1: A scientist, thank God! Get us out of here before those military drones figure out where we're hiding!

Scientist 2: We all have retinal scanner access. Escort us to the lobby, and we can get out of the lab.

Scientist 3: You'll have to shut down the surgical unit first. Peters switched it on but I'm afraid he never made it back.

Scene Two

Scene: As you approach a barricaded laser lab, you hear Barney and a scientist arguing, then the sound of the gauss cannon revving up. You break into the lab to find the gauss cannon smoldering in a pile of gibs.

Barney: What is this thing? Some kinda weapon?

Scientist: Put that down.. it's a prototype.

We hear Barney fire the gauss cannon. It blasts through the wall where the player is walking.

Barney: Man! Why aren't we using it?

Scientist: It's much too unpredictable. Don't let it overcharge!

Barney: What do you mean, overcharge?

There is an explosion and screams. The barricade is blown away.

Mwahahah, I love this game. I just finished beating the whole game again on the hardest setting. Lot's of fun. But, yeah, my favorite room is still that one with the vaporizing lazer thingy, the one that Munro is talking about. And of course my least favorite is Xen. Xen sucks :p
EVERY SINGLE level that takes place on earth was GREAT. I have never since played a game that remotely duplicates the awesomeness of half-life's one step-at-a-time story driven single player!!! I love how there was a boss (Nihalinth) as well, it revived the old super nintendo style "climax"

Did anybody else think Opposing Force was (though short) a great game as well? I did, loved how it connected to half-life. Same for blue shift!
Hmmm, tough question, easier would be tell which levels I didn't like at all. Maybe one of the best computer-game scenes ever is the dam -scene, where is the helicopter on the air and Gordon shoots it down with gauss-gun and swims trough the dam...
Hmm...A lot of good scenes, a lot of good maps. How about the tenticle in "Blast Pit"? I still like the two Barneys' lines.

Barney 1: Be quiet, this thing hears us.
Barney 2: HEY, YOU ALIEN OCTUPUS! You take me down! >>splat<<

The scripted sequence with the scientist being pulled through the blast window was cool to.

FiVe7: Yeah Op4 was pretty short, but I barely noticed compared to Blue Shift.
When the first marine throws a grenade at your pathetic humanoid feet!
The best level was definitely Surface Tension. It was pretty long, and who would be able to forget such classic scenes as walking through a minefield or blowing up a helicopter that was chasing you on the edge of a mountain?
I loved the whole freaking game... how am I supposed to pick favorites? o.o'
Well, I'm probably one of the few to actually appreciate the Xen levels... Heck, they're downright annoying, but they're extremely interesting and beautiful. In my opinion, anyways... 'course, I'm the queen of the jumps, so it wasn't as bad for me as some people.
Favorite- While crawling though the tunnel to see the american (i belive) jets fly by, then walking along the ledges while being fired at by the chopper. I thought that was the end, but i was reallllllyyy wrong. Worst i would have to say is when they send you into space... I mean, aliens could some how take over the earth, so keep it realistic, dont step on a thingy and send gord into space, cmon.
I also liked to let them tounge things full me up and then hit them with a crowbar, or shoot at them with a pistol.. And the part with the big thing with the nails, that was hitting the metal thing real hard?? Then you hit Test Fire, anyone remember that? And then you went down into that real big hole, and fell into the water. Gesh i talk to much. But it was all so fun, and not to mention, was i the only one scared during all this?
My fav. is "We got hostiles"... Its a really nice level of the game. Its the first time you meet the grunts....Another nice level is the first level in Opposing Force when you look through a went, an you see two assasins standing and talking.
"Why do we always clear up the mess the grunts can´t handle"
Stone cold !!!
I agree whit Laguna "We Got Hostiles" is by far the best level.

Although all the levels are nice exept for "Xen" and "On A Rail"

Praise the gods for "We Got Hostiles".

Be Well
my favorite part was the feeling of "omg wtf did i just do?" when i pushed the test sample into the beam.

before i played i didnt know about the story at all and had no clue what was goin on. was probably the best surprise ive had while playin a game haha.
I forgot about on a rail, that was a awesome level, does anyone remember how long that one took to beat, wasnt it one of the longer ones?
2ND level

I think the 2Nd level was the best where the expiriment had just finished and you walk around black mesa for a bit and the atmospheric music was pretty cool to.:borg:
On a Rail was a short level if you knew what you were doing but for a first time player it took forever. Without a doubt what made that game more fun than anything was playing it and not knowing a single thing that was supposed to happen. My friend just said "Half-Life check it out"... I knew absolutely nothing else about the game. Like kastro said, pushing the test sample into the beam I was also like sh*t wtf did I do. Seeing the Garg for the first time made me sh*t myself. I didn't even know there was a fricking gargantua in the game, no one told me. When I first saw the marines I was all like "Oh good, the marines are here" *Player was killed by Marine with mp5 wannabe gun thingy* Man I wish I knew nothing about HL2 but I guess it's too late now:cool:
Another thing was reallly cool !!
When you Airstrike the Garg !!!
I need to replay HL, really (gonna do that tommorow, playing Enter the Matrix today :E)

But I played through Op4 over the weekend.

I really loved the "Worlds Collide" level, where you head down the elavator and fight through masses of Black Ops' to get to the boss. :)

From what I remember of HL, I enjoyed the Xen levels most, I love the freedom of them.

Of the Mesa levels, We got Hostiles was probably the best, I love the bit where you go up the escalator and the music starts and theres loads of grunts and scientists running around :E :E
i loved it all tbh....... the worst parts were some of the Xen parts although the bits in the factory were great fun etc. the Marine fights were definately my favourite gaming moments of all time.
THEY WERE SO MUCH FUN!!!! i've never had so much fun playing a game singleplayer. just so frikkin gd its unbelievable. They weren;t dumb yet tehre weren't godly.... its was the perfect mix of AI.
games like MOH:AA are gd bu the ai is dumb :¬/ but on hard they ahve perfect shots that fk u up........ in hl the ai is clever but dont ahve perfect aims.
never been topped tbh :)
cant wait for HL2.... and TF2 might rock if its got any singleplayer... MP will definately own for it :D

Damn, i get tears in my eyes when you are mentioning all those fuggin fantastic scenes...;( ;( ;(

Can't wait for HL2
I'm gonna play HL again as soon as I finish Enter the Matrix! :E
god i loved that game, it was the first game i ever bought, waaay back in '98 and who wud ahve thought that i'd b here now, talking about creating a MOd for the sequel!!! ahhhhh memories
ah half-life...

I'm going to play it again in those days...

I'm also going to play opfor and bs.

Opfor was good but it left some kind of "empty" feeling in me.... i mean, shephard just lurks around black mesa with no ****ing idea of what to do...

Bs is cool for me. It is incredibly short, but the level design, the scripting, the goals of the game are all perfect.

At least Barney fights to survive and to escape from black mesa, not to reach lambda complex and striking the alien boss alone....
The feeling that there was a true goal in bs alway appealed me.

I have a game saved specifically on "We've Got Hostiles" and Surface Tension, just to be able to play them through again :D. I also like Apprehension, when you see the Security Guard get whacked and the evil music come on. First time I fought those invisible somersaulting Black Ops I was absolutely cacking myself :p

In OpFor, my favourite part had to be Friendly Fire, the Black Ops are just chillingly dismissive of the grunts, and leading a squad into action against them was cool - "If we get out of here alive, I'll buy you all a round of beer . . . hell, I'll buy the whole damn bar!" Then the poor guy gets shot in the back of the head and all hell breaks loose :D
I like the whole chopper sene.... So gr8 !!! I love Op4
opossing force was a cool one had a lota good parts... i know a secret about the the geneworm *the last boss in op4*
Originally posted by ShadowJustice
are you talking about the "you must kill me Randy Pitchford" thing?
yeah you play the sound called "dmbbossit01" except backwards and it says To beat the game you must kill me randy pitchford... it sounds all wierd and screwed up