Flight mod idea...just idea.


May 14, 2003
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i heard in irc i believe it was miurray said that it would be cool if there was a flight mod for hl2 an i agreed wit him, lol murray is afriad of dragonflies, i laffed at that one for a while.
"Murrya turns into a dragonfly"
"<Murray> is anyone else scared of dragonflies?"


anyway i hope there are playin crafts in hl2 so that a team wouldnt have to make the physics up all by themselves.

heard another idea but i got wut it was....oh and me and Min are engaged. :cheers:
Hostile Freedom will feature a full flight system. Flying is an integral part of the game play as it will help turn the tides of the war.

And about programming the physics, well the physics are essentially there. If you've watched the videos, you could see an alien or somesort of enemy flying around. Developers would just have to take that code and incorporate their own behaviours. For us we need to be able to have our ships to fly from the ground to the air and back down seamlessly.

But I trust in Valve; they will provide us with a versatile Software Development Kit to play around with.
ok im sorry that i didnt read your freedom mod stuff, now i see my thread is nearly useless, but hey thnx for the info

btw u know wut the flight ceiling might be like on hl2's engine...i hope it SOMETHING(not exactly like) BF1942's flight ceiling.
ooo proper flight system for HL2, i dont think thats been done before (well sucessfully at least), lol, hope someone gets it right, cos that would be origanal!! :D
ooo proper flight system for HL2, i dont think thats been done before
Probably because HL2 hasnt been released yet.
My flight system works, there will be a promo video on pcformat's coverdiscs next issue or the one after, beta 1 in about a month or so.