Forum color...



I'm thinking a White+Orange / Black + Orange would suit the game better...

Blue and white... meh :p
There will be a new style coming soon a little more suited to Half-Life 2 :)
BTW, i hope you wouldnt go ahead and make the background orange.. :eek:

Black BG with Grey + Orange... that would be awesome :)
That would look really Gr8 !!

Black and Orange !!:cheers:
orange is nice, but dont overkill it.. I think orange would fit nicely with the colours of the main site. but it needs to be used with modesty. so no orange backgrounds and orange tables. that overkills it
i think the background should be dark with a somewhat lighter text, dark stuff isnt so hard on the eyes
Check out, they have an exemplary color scheme ;)
how about the colors for the forums be the same as the colors on the main page?...
If Munro makes these boards black background with orange text, I will ban him from his own forums :p

As for, I dont like the orange rows in the viewthread page, and I really dislike invisionboard. but other than that they're fine :D
anybody remembers the old Desert Crisis forums scheme?

the orange-white style that burned holes in your retina.. *sigh* I miss it :E :thumbs:
I love pale-colour sites like this one, especially when I have to view them on a shitty monitor with a shot brightness/contrast controller. However, with a bit of care it's possible to have a dark site which can still be seen on the worst of screens. At this point I'm obliged to point everyone to G4mer as a shameless example. ;)