Gamelplay: will HL2 be a hybrid genre?


May 27, 2003
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From what we know so far about HL2, the gameplay is goes way beyond just simply being a "first-person shooter." While HL1 gameplay was driven mostly by shooting bad guys and jumping puzzles, the new physics system, and improved characters and AI give HL2 many more options for interesting challenges in levels. The bit with the swinging beam and falling dumpster is just one example. What else might there be?

The way I see it, Valve is combining some of the best story, character and mind-puzzle elements of adventure games (from back when adventure games were good) and the best action of any FPS around. Doom3 ain't got nuthin on this.

The last time I remember such innovation was when the first King's Quest game came out (for the PCjr! - yes, I'm that old). Most decent adventure games then were text-only, but King's Quest used both graphics and text, and combined keyboard and joystick input. Any coincidence that Sierra is the publisher of Half-Life 2?
it's all an action/fps game.. but has a good story. hl2 will include driving.. and puzzles, but it's not going to be a driving or puzzle game.. it will still be an fps.
You're right, Half-Life 2 seem to have everything an FPS should have: realism, good story, good graphics, it's MODable (was that a word Gabe Newell used? :D ), it's ... it's...playable on low-end's...PERFECT?! yes ? :borg:
Yup, maybe we just settle for too little with most FPS games. Sure the focus should be on the action, but I like to use my brain every once in a while too, not just my trigger finger. I think HL1 had a pretty good balance, but I'd welcome more variety than just jumping puzzles in those calms before the storm.
Any coincidence that Sierra is the publisher of Half-Life 2?
I think Sierra has always been an innovator in PC gaming. Half Life, the NASCAR series, and many other games whose names are escaping my memory at the moment...
The game play of HL2 going to blow us away. We just don't know how yet. Who knows what Valve is cooking for all of us.
Sierra - Homeworld, Cataclysm and 2. All were/will be great games. NOLF... I think, King's Quest, Half Life, cool games aplenty.
I'm just wondering if it's going to feature open gameplay as opposed to linear map after map type stuff. Will we be running quest-oriented missions within the confines of an openly explorable City 17/seabed are/etc? As done in Deus Ex with the Hell's Kitchen and Hong Kong areas.
I'm betting there will be a little of that, but not in Deus Ex style. It's still mostly an action game, not an exploration game or RPG: you'll have reasons for going the various places you go.
i get you. All those things combined to make HL2. It'll be a hit and we all know it.
HL2 is still an generic FPS shooter... The only difference is that it has unbelievable levels of interaction and some nice fancy graphics! :E
I think the game is still pretty linear. I doubt you will get to go off exploring or anything, apart from where valve want you to go. Otherwise the game would probably be in development until some time next decade.
Maybe yes, maybe no. Even if the gameplay is basically linear, there could easily be multiple routes, and the chance to explore areas of City 17 that may pose some challenges and rewards, but not directly lead to the next "level". Even HL1 had some side "hidden" areas where you could get more stuff, but could just as easily bypass them and the baddies guarding them. HL2 could do this even better. They have had 5 years of development, so I don't think we'd have to wait for the next decade.

GTA3 and especially GTA3: Vice City do this really well. You can explore the whole city and interact with its characters and just create general mayhem, or play the 'story' missions (which are basically linear). There are also just as many side missions which can can be played in mostly any order, once they're unlocked. I know HL2 is a different type of game, but it could certainly incorporate some of that style of gameplay too.