Gangland Mod/1930's Mobsters



Just wanted to let some of you know about our mod in progress. We are switching from UT2003 to the Half Life 2 engine. It is a multiplayer modification. Its based on the different mob families set in the 1930's. We have player, and weapon models already made, that will have to be adjusted, and optimized for the HL2 engine. We also have maps, and few new gametypes planned. We are in need of coders and texture artists when the time comes. So if your interested please contact me via email or instant messenger. My email is at the bottom.Our website is currently being constructed. As soon as it launches we will show media. We have a few months before we can actually start working with the engine, but are still creating our .plan file, so feel free to shoot some ideas you would like to see. Thanks

IRC chat: QuakeNet #gangland

email: [email protected]
whats it about.. besides 1930's and mob stuff.. Give some details.. we want to know what your upto
Well, I'm not going to list the gameplay modes just yet. We are still tweaking the details of each one. But what I can tell you you is that the major factor we want for players is choice. And that means lots of content. Tons of weapons to choose from, the better will have to be bought with money. We are also talking about a outfitting screen. You pick your player model, then you outfit him. Do you want him to have a trench coat or not, what type of hat do you want him to where if any, ect. So basically the two teams are two families. With the possibility of a third later on. I really cant give out more info than that right now. But when our site launches it will be filled with all information. I just want to hear from players if there is anything that they would like to see in this type of mod? LMK Thanks
You should build a lot of car models and such. Convertable's, sedans, coupes and some flatbed trucks. Think about the possibilities of doing a drive-by with several guys in a convertable all with Thompson's blastin away!
Should be real easy to get alot of maps and pictures of old Chicago. I like it.

The Punisher
Dont worry there will be plenty of cars, every part of the mod will be very detailed. By the way I forgot to add, we have a IRC chat room. QuakeNet #gangland sometimes we are in there, sometimes its empty because of different time zones, and people at work, but feel free to stop by.
This is a game Im definitly gonna get hooked to (if it works out well), i like mafia games :D

I hope there also will be explosives, not like in cs where its ur objective but more like in DoD or even just as a weapon, if u think thats not too mafia llike then forget it...

but about the weapons, I agree with Stitch when he commented on the Fallen Faith MMORPG mod:
One thing though: hopefully you guy's aren't planning on releasing all of those guns? - Release a small portion otherwise balance will be a bitch, pardon my french, to incorporate. I understand you probably think more is better, but think of execution--will it all fit and play right?

But if u have it all worked out then the more guns the better right :D.

Too bad Ur on Gamesnet cuz I believe most (or even all) ppl
on this forum are on Quakenet, I'm aswell :/

Dont forget to tell us about any progress :)
hot dog! I mean, put hot dogs in your mod. Chicago has good hot dogs...and it's Italian...kinda...
I like hot dogs.

Other than that, get some good tommygun action and shiny black shoes. I'd like to see this mod in action! Then again, I'd like to see anything HL2 in action...
Yeah just switched it to Quakenet #gangland, so feel free to stop by, we are trying to get the channel registered today. Thanks
the tommygun is done already :O

we wont show it until the website is up, but its a really nice looking tommy (nice model and nice skin). We will probably tweak it before tho (more polys).

hope you guys will like it :)
Any specific ideas anybody would like to see in this type of mod?
i think it would be cool , if everymap when it switched it gave you the different gangs, for example when you play chicago you have Capone's gang on the southside , or Bugs Morans gang on the north side and have maddison be the dividing line, also for a third party have the untouchables. and weapons have Molotov Cocktails.
seem look like to Entropy first.. but after read more about your game play it s not really the same and i am happy. Still always embarassing to see two same mods growing like concurrents ;)

Entropy is also based on a game play Gangs vs Gangs but the concept behind is really different from yours :)

Good luck for your mod ! it look like very good !:cheers:
Well Entropy is set in the future. Outs is obvioulsy in the 1930's. We have certain gametypes planned out. But we are not sharing them with the public yet. Dont worry its different.
Have a well cool soundtrack, one that captures the feel of 1930's Chicago! :) yeah best of luck to you all...
Anyone played Mafia??? Great old soundtrack, maybe some inspiration there for your mod
Yes the whole team are huge fans of Mafia. We are drawing inspiration from the game, and many films. And don't worry, good music will be included.:cheers:
Yeah thats good, personally i think mafia is one of the best games ive played, but it still isnt that popular.......go figure
I have played thru Mafia 3 and a half times. It is in my top 3 games list. I think if it did have multiplayer, it would still be at the top. We are hoping many Mafia fans will support us with our mod.
Will there be spats? I hope so, cos nuffin says class like black suit, black tie and spats :)
Hey, the mod sounds damned cool.
Erm, I had something 2 say but forgot, I'll tell uwen I remember.
Spats are shoes, look it up on google :) (it might be an english turn of phrase, i dont kno)
Ah now I see, they fit over the shoes. Sure we will use those. I didnt know they where seperate from the actually shoes. lol