Half-life 2 At E3



Well, E3-expo is getting closer (May 14th-16th). What do you think we will see at E3? Well, I think no-one of us will see anything at E3 cos it's a trade event and is not open to the general public, but anyway. :cool:

Will we have trailer of anykind? New screenshots? More confirmed info? I hope we would get somekind of trailer but I'm not so sure about that, because... Somehow I think that HL2 will only be shown at E3, but there will be no info-discussions etc, because Valve, Activision or Sierra will not be demonstrating HL2 there, but ATi will...

I have a friend that works for Activision that will be there, he will give some info.
that is correct and it is showing on a big ass projector screen to the lucky few who will be permitted to view it

i hope this video is made public after the expo

Why ohh god why!!!!!!

;( ;( ;( ;( ;(
Yeah I do to !!!!!

Maybe they will show some new weapons and levels...
Lucky bastards those how can be there !!!
Lets just hope of good coverage :]

What would also be awesome, would be Quest.. Or just Duke Nukem 3D.

But as long as half-life comes out, im pretty much satisfied :D
Yup, Half-Life is at E3 and at the ATI booth. You can see the official press release at ATI's website under press releases.
And let there be no doubt, I'm watching just as eagerly as any of the rest of you :D
diluted said:
um, wtf. this thread is over half a year old.
Try a year and a half. Lord knows what Abconners was thinking,.. or what drugs hes on.
Can't wait........er wait, It's already here!

O.K then, do you think we'll see HL3 at E3 2005?
Dr.breen said:
O.K then, do you think we'll see HL3 at E3 2005?
Hell no. They'll want to be selling HL2 for a few years before even hiting at hl3.

I was sitting wondering if these people were on crack, but then I noticed the dates these were posted :LOL: