Half Life Mods



Hey does anybody of you know any good half life mods website.

The other sites i found were all a mess: dead links, just a few mods, no explanation if its single or multi-player :flame:

I really would appriciate a site where the links are working and and i can see if it's multi or singleplayer mod
laguna your link no work man, gimme a real one

/me pee's on lagunas shirt spellin out "HL2"
NS is a sweet mod, I was going to add it to the site next week..;) Many people are requesting for it...
The Specialists is a great mod with some of the best weapon models/animations I've seen, on a par if not better than CS/DOD's. Also download it if you want a feel for HL2's submachinegun - the PDW. ALSO this mod has weapon attachments like Raven Shield. You can attach silencers, laserlights, flashlights and scopes. Try the Desert Eagle, then silence it and fit it with laser and scope - cool stuff. All they need now is original player models.
Nice to see someone else plays Specialists, but no doubt none of you Role-Play the thing (Feel free to laugh). Yet, if you ever have time to bore yourself to death, feel free to drop by Nick Mame’s Roleplay ( and say Hi. Don’t worry, I don’t expect any of you to come.

But yes, some good mods. I don’t know how ‘good’ they are for randomly killing people (I believe Death Match is what it is called. That is the current style of choice, yes?), but I recommend Day of Defeat, Natural Selection, and Specialists. That gives you a WW2, Futuristic, and Movie mod.