Half-Life2 videos


May 27, 2003
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I have the 600mb .mov files but are there anymore small videos?
I see pics on sites that arent in any movie I have seen? Are there any small or big movies so please tell me where I can find them!

If youve got the 600 mov m8 you dont need the others.
But the pics from the prison and the pics of Eli...where do they come from?
They are screenshots released from valve they aren't from any movies.
ok...thanks but why do peaple say that they have small movies then?
shame there was no movies on that area, that place looks an excellent place to show off the AI
There was lots of small movies released from gamespot. These are basically small segments of the large movie you got at a lower quality.
you wanna get your hands on "e32k3-halflife2_pce32003_4dn_qt.mov" this part of e3, wasnt shown in the gamespy recording.
Is it the only one that you could'nt see in the 600mb movie?
nope.. its like 7 small vids... I dont remember whitch one it is..
sorry !
I found nr4 and thats new but is it only one new?:bounce:
Originally posted by skogum!
Is it the only one that you could'nt see in the 600mb movie?

the fourth movie has the sewers and hydra scene. It is the only original content of the eight shorter GameSpot ones. It is also a considerably lower quality camcorder-like recording. Ignore the other 7 in that series-just crappy versions of what you have(GameSpy's 600MB) and are missing stuff.

The e3 teaser/trailer is also different. The trailer has some new shots of the same scenes. You get to see the "scanners" that fly around observing and taking pictures. Get it from fileplanet/gamespy/gamespot or other such sites.

Nothing else is new as far a movies. The screenshots were released earlier and are unrelated to the movies realeased with E3.