halflife2.net publicity/plug...

Yes, we are becoming famous! Thx to Munro and Apos :D Plus thx to all people who actually e-mail to Gabe. And yes, thx to Valve.
I feel I should get in this, muahahah. I'm posting my .jpg of the convo with Erik.
We are more famous then David Beckham! ;) Oh ya , hurry up Gojin!
Remember the music from the Mario Brothers game for the super nintendo?! That ruled! Oh and uh yay for you all.
I don't like this...

The girls over at Halflife2.net have created a Forum Thread where users have started to compile a good amount of Q&As from Valve. The thread isn't being used for discussion and is merely a gathering of information of what Valve has been quoted as saying about Half-Life 2. Here's some of the poop I picked:

" The girls " ?! Bloody hell!
Must be a girl that wrote it, they tend to say "she" where guys think "he".
Or maybe someone who's jsut sore that our forums are really, really cool....
Congrats Apos, you're our hero!

(Poor Gabe, now he's gona get about 10x more email)
Originally posted by geeK (first posted by someone else)

The girls over at Halflife2.net...

I don't think this is meant to be insulting, it's kinda random. It reminds me of some authors who, to avoid offending feminists, use 'she' when they would usually write 'he' to refer to an arbitrary person.
Now we really need to clean the dead weight out of that thread. Some of that information, like on the last monday release, is wrong, even if it was legit. And then there are the people at the end. While I realize that they just don't get it, their example is just going to make other people follow suit.
Well after Munro has the new site up, hopefully he'll have time to run through the Valve info threads and clean it up.
I'm worried that the publicity will encourage more people to post thier unanswered questions.
I've just had to delete another 100 posts from it. This is getting tiresome.
Nice one Apos. Realy putting us on the map..Hoo yea and Munro ;)
good work keeping the forum clean munro.. i wish there were more dedicated posters keeping the discussions going though.. i'm usually sitting her refreshing the general discussion page over and over.. i'm too used to forums like genmay.com with users in the multiple thousands.