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Jun 3, 2003
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Does anyone know where I can pick up the first half life? I want to play it, but I lost the CD.
Yea, it shouldn't be hard to find. You can can probably pick up for around $19.
Just look in the bargain bins at just about any game-selling store...in any case, this should probably be moved to Other Games > Half-Life.

There we go...I like the "advanced graphics engine" part. You have to love subjective descriptions. Also, welcome to the boards, Mmw. Have a nice stay.

Of course you could also get the Half Life Platinum pack (something you can buy anyware but at a full retail price). It comes with Half Life, all the expansion packs, Team Fortress Classic, CounteStrike retail, and I think it also comes with DoD retail.
I was reading that description on that site, and I thought, oh yeah HL can have up to 32 people on one server, yet I hardly see any :/
actually I mean "legal from the web"
Thanks for the play.com link, but I'm in the US of A.