HL 2 Beta ???

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Jul 2, 2003
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I make a search on edonkey and i find hl 2 beta version, so reality or fake ???

It could be a fake but don t forget, the doom III beta version on edonkey was real !!!

#halflife2 on efnet went through this weeks ago, and we STILL have people coming in asking if its real or not, even though in our topic it has clearly stated LEAK=FAKE for weeks now ;/
First, it was Doom III alpha, and it was leaked, so this how it got on edonkey.

HL2 wasn't leaked during E3. It is fake.
Originally posted by ulukai
K guys it was to know.

I'm not trying to slam on your english skillz, but what is that supposed to mean?
lol, why on earth would you want a leaked demo????.....wouldnt that ruin the final Game?? why would you settle for less just to get it early......you people suck greedy bastards....wait untill it comes out
Yeah just wait for it to come out, i know what i'm going to do on the last week of September... Me gonna grab me stretcher and sleep in front of gaming store :D
there is no leak or demo available atm. Wait for the game. :)
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