May 14, 2003
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A new site is going to be launched within a one month time frame. When it launches it will be equiped with an FTP to allow for files (of half-life) to be submitted to us for the public to download. From rumors currently going around they are saying that there will never be a 'subscriber only' service. They are there to provide free file hosting for whoever wants it, as long as they are supporting the HL community.

They will have five major sections devoted to large mods of HL and many more features, for current up-to-date information on the status of the site and how its progressing, or if you want to get in on this yourself, check out their current forums.


I posted this here because this site will also have hl2 related downloads.
whoa thats sweet, a free file service ?, free space to put our HL related stuff on there ?, free ?, cool :D
hmmm... sounds like it could easily be a bunch of clueless newbies trying to be l33t linux hosters.

I had a coworker, 8 years ago when the Internet was much smaller who setup a small ISP/hosting company. He wanted to host a mirror of my site which was very hot at the time. I warned him, but he had plenty of bandwidth! It drowned him within the hour I put the link up to him.

People have poor understandings of network and server capacity. Even those who do the work "professionally".

uh dude have u seen the site? so far i dont see anything bout spam :borg: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :bounce: :cheers: :bounce: read before you pee (srry had to make somethin rhyme)
Not to trash these guys, but I don't see a site, I see a php Bulletin Board and nothing else. The domain is hosted via a dynamic-dns company, which is often used by samll fry organizations with few resources.

From a site admin's post:

"the idea is the one thing that is keeping this alive. NO subsciber only services like fileplanet and fileshack. We are here to provide free hosting and downloads for the hl community. everything is free"

You need more than an idea. It needs to be a business. If these guys don't have a plan how to pay for all the bandwidth they will consume, the idea will die as soon as they have content people really want.

Unfortunately, people routinely make big announcements about their idea rather than implement something that will drive attention to itself. I think the HL community has seen that with the constant Lemming-like life of Mods.
Yea buddy, we already have $4000 saved up to pay for server costs, the site is UNDER CONSTRUCTION (and its coming along nicely). THe forums are the only thing set up because they are hosting by a friend. Quite frankly if you only have negative things about the site, just dont say them. Give us a good luck or something. Yes I too have seen a lot of sites go up and dive down, but believe me I know how it is. We are here for free, and free we shall stay.