HL2 3d logo wallpaper


Jun 15, 2003
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Just played with 3dsmax and came out with this..
The render is 3200x2400 cause i had to fix some lines in photoshop..

Here is a part of the rendred image.

Her are the 1152x864 and 1600x1200.
Please tell me if you like it or what could be fixed..
nice, I was going to do this and then post the actual model, incase people wanted it...

And YAY you did it in my resolution...

/me hugs vakuum

Anywho, keep it up :p
very cool.. nice and clean model. now a texture would look good together with that little bumpmapping you got there
could you get a face on render with none of the sides showing?
so i can have a good 2 high res HL@ logo to use.
For some reason it reminds me of a donut. Mmm, tasty...
Good job, u have some skills with a computer! ;)
1600X1200=Best Resolution Ever.

Thanks for the High Res logo, if we give you credit can we reuse the logo in other works?
That looks great. You should of added a phong material to make it shiny and make it more round so it looks alien like (. :borg: )