HL2 Rant



GOOD GOD Y"ALL! Those e3 movies. ... .. .
i say i say GAHDAMN :afro:

:cheers: This game is just gonna be ridiculously good and it's gonna slow down the business world; with all of us from 9 year old albino Antarctican's to 83 y/o Panamanian taxadermists at our computer's; our jaws to the floor - senseless, ear's tingling and eye's wide. That'll just be looking at the loading screen ffs :) Such well deserved hype, just excellantly marketed visual and aural splendour. yeah.

btw - great job on the hosting the 9 movies - fantastic I was like many going around for ages finding shit links. Nice One. too bad i got modem speed ;(

People also be getting quite excited by the upcoming Vampire Masquarade - Bloodlines game that will be released in 2004 - this uses the Valve's HL2 engine and by the looks of the trailor they've just released should also be quite delicious, on all fronts - it's also a role player rather than a FPS so it should be very interesting.
I wonder how this game will go 6+ month's after HL2's release - what other development's with other .. ah, developers, will occur during the September - 2004 Vampire release date. Will it strengthen it's punch or lessen it? My guess is of course for the former but, si - i'm just typing my thoughts here.

Exciting time for not only FPS gaming but computer graphics, human simulation and deff the role sound can play considering the incredible quality even us low-ender's can achieve now. Valve are pushing it ALL further with style, creativity and enough money to do it all.

This game is the sole reason I'm going to save up and buy a kick arse graphics card + motherboard + CPU. The only thing I do on the comp is play with music and play HL & CS... which reminds me - Audigy tokes it like your Mum on a sunday morn.

Doom3 & HL2 - deff an exciting gaming time we are in. and deff theyll both KICK MAJOR ANUS.