Holy cow this is funny!

erm... well, you know

* Stone shuffles his feet awquardly (SP?)

you know I haven't posted for a while, it's because...well....erm...

OK, I brought it and put it in my PC...OK...HAPPY NOW ;(

hehe :p
So whos going to buy it?

Sack that ill make one with my sons Leggo stuff ;)
lol..... someone take a photo of themselves putting one of them in their computer... we could make a funny picture series about the perils of buying on eBay :p
Holy Anchovies Batman!
Ok thats kind of random but the "Holy cow" made me think of it.
Anything that begins with Holy and ends with some random crap is normally good.

"Holy horse willies batman. How will we ever get out of this."

"Well Robin, if you would just reach inside my utility belt, you will find a small device conveniently made for getting out of these laser chains."
Holy smeg head what the devel is that?
Well little Jonny that is a darverian snakemomkey.