Humorous Webpage

They do have a lot of funny stuff. One i read was PETA complaining about the chickens in cs_italy
lol i like the site. iv walked away from my comp with the headphones still on too, i wont go into detail but it jerked my head and as soon as i noticed i fell limp to save any other damage to my comp.

post count doesnt matter for crap its not like rank in the military where u get more reasponsiblity or authority.
i especially like this one
" Medical Study Proves That Cheating At Online Games Causes Blindness "
nice stie.
LMFAO!!! "Gordon to pose for Playgirl" "CAL Demo Replaces Wedding Video as Most Important Video in Cabinet" OMG ROTFL. "Newest Clan Recruit Turns Out To Be Todd's Mom" LOL!.Modded Case Mistaken For Bomb By Local SWAT Team OMG LOL. Thanks for the laugh(s)!!!Pizzamod Allows Pizza Ordering While In Game,