I played CS yesterday


May 27, 2003
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... for the first time in 3 years. :dork:

What a mess it has become. Mostly everything you heard on the voice/radio thing ended in either "gay" or "fag". And the cheating. There was this one guy using both the speedhack and aimbot. Sure enough, he had a score of like 128/2 in 30 minutes. I would rather go back to the days of beta1 and glass camping in cs_seige :)

On a positive note, I had a ping of 30 (thanks Earthlink DSL!) and had a descent score before the cheaters came around.
When I read the title of this thread... I thought "why??".... yeh... the insults would be coming from those kids who still believe "gay" is an insult.....
Don't get me wrong, CS is still a great game. It's the community that sucks now.

I hope CS2 will at least fix the cheating problem.
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I have never been carried away by the multi-player hysteria.

me either... some of the older formites may recall i hate them... due to the fact that when I, as an impressional youngster, played an online game, within seconds i was insulted by several people...i mean, whats the point....
I never stopped loving siege. even after those bastards took away the APC.
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I cannot enjoy them for the given reasons. Another point is that single-player games are the kind of games i crave for. I have never been carried away by the multi-player hysteria.

I like multiplayer simply because of the human interaction which an A.I cant give. I especially like MMORPG's Ive played in the beta's of a couple and it was great. I want to play Eve, lots of people say the learning curve is hard but once you get into it, its really good. The thing i like about them, is that it combines the interaction you get with people, as well as a good story.
yup i tried cs again the other day.. Joined a server played for 5 min then received that kick by console msg.. and the reason was for having to high of ping when mine was 65... gets anoying. so i stopped best to just play with bots :D
I got as far as installing it and even getting on to de_dust. I always hated the map. Within about 10 seconds our whole team was dead after someone team killed us all. He then dropped a grenade and blew himself up.

I didn't play anymore after that.
can you recommend a good bot.... cos i have some random version of CS.... and i wouldn't mind palying against bots...
Now we are talking about bots, any one knows some good Q3A bots ?
i think the pure joy of playing multiplayer games is the fact u can annoy ppl i think the greatest fun i have had is in tfc on hunted being a sniper and shooting my teammates of roofs its hillarious :D but sure i only do that when bored, playing against bots is boring cos they usually are predicatable and usually have perfect aim. U dont get bots using tactics ppl do.
Sounds like a special-ed class, playing multiplayer.

I guess getting together with buddies on a network is the best way to go.

One question though, why is it so easy to cheat, shouldn't there be countermeasures?
Absolutely. its entirely proabable that our luck will change sooner or later, dont you think? Surely someone will come and rescue us.
Another problem with the CS community is that the game is designed really well to use team strategy, but most people go totally chicken-with-its-head-cut-off lone wolf and whine about teammates "stealing" kills. The whole point of it being a team based shooter is totally lost. Might as well be deathmatch.
Absolutely. I suspected this would happen, but the administrator just would not listen.
lol at Farrow....

god i hate the CS community..... it sucks so bad.... it is easy to cheat (I don't know how the script kiddies do it tho) but what is the point :(
I love cs, simply because I never have problems with the community. i only play on servers run by people I know. One of my favourites is run out of an internet cafe in Brighton by a short fat bald man, and another is a clan server run by a buisiness associate. Generally these servers are clean, well run and provide a good challenge. So I still play it.
CS disgusts me with it's shallow gameplay and community of 8 year old WHINING INFANTS. I'm a long-time DoD player myself, and I'm definately seeing the effects of the recent move to retail. DoD is drawing more and more CS players and the pubs are really going downhill. I'm getting real tired of explaining to these kids that "camping" (defending the objectives) in DoD is a legit tactic. It's real hard getting these CS deathmatching babies to cooperate with you in a game that requires a team effort :flame:
Heh, I got lucky, I joined a clan back in 1.0 days.. Now I have friends, with whom I evem meet up offline :)
I downloaded Beta 1 the same day it came out. That was great. I don't remember anything specific now, but the only good map was cs_seige.

The glass camping was hilarious. All of the terrorists got into one room and bring the hostages. The ones with AWP's go behind the glass, other just sit there hiding behind hostages. Every round was like that .. LOL